Where to Find Nantucket’s Most Scenic Views


Nestled off the coast of Massachusetts in the USA, the idyllic island of Nantucket holds an undeniable charm that captivates all who venture its shores. Known for its rich history, cobblestone streets, and iconic lighthouses, this captivating place is also celebrated for its unparalleled scenic views.

Sand dunes on a beach in Nantucket, MA, USA

Photo by Jack Cohen

As soon as you set foot on Nantucket, you will be enchanted by its unique charm. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a flower lover, a fan of coastal New England towns with delightful shops and the best seafood dishes, or a nature and beach buff, this small island in the Atlantic Ocean has it all.

With its windswept beaches, rolling dunes and ocean landscapes, perfectly preserved historic homes and cottages, and stunning conserved flora and fauna, Nantucket offers photo ops and amazing views at every turn.

One of the best ways to enjoy that incredible feeling of living on this gem of an island is to stay in one of the available local residences offered for short-term rent. Almost two-thirds of all homes on the island are open as rentals for the many visitors to this postcard-like island.

Nantucket harbor homes on the water

Photo by Andrew Wolff

In this blog post, we unveil the six most awe-inspiring sights of Nantucket that we’re sure visitors will love, and they will make a memorable holiday experience that lingers in their hearts for years to come.

1. Steps beach

Steps Beach may not be as popular as its famous neighbors – Dionis, Children’s Beach, or Jetties, but it is one of those hidden gems on the island, where you can admire some of the most spectacular views ever. Located near Downtown and on the island’s north coast, Steps Beach is a wide, beautiful sandy beach set under dramatic cliffs. To reach it, you will need to go down a set of steep wooden steps.

The view from the top of these steps is rated as one of the top Insta-worthy locations in Nantucket. You can gaze at the blue Nantucket Sound, the lush untouched green nature, the occasional waterfront mansions, and the Great Point lighthouse from the top of these stairs.

The beach is less crowded than others located on this coast of the island, and at the end of the summer, when the sun goes down, you can watch some fascinating bioluminescent creatures swimming up to its shore.

Atlantic ocean beach view on Nantucket

Photo by Andrew Wolff

2. ‘Sconset Bluff Walk

Also known as Cliff Walk, the Sconset Bluff Walk is one of the most famous walking paths in Nantucket and on the northeastern coast of the USA.

The seashell-covered walkway is only a mile long. Still, every step of the way, you can enjoy some of the fascinating views of the ocean, the heathland, and of course, the iconic summer shingle-style cottages, which are covered with crawling red and pink roses and surrounded by pristinely trimmed lawns and blooming gardens.

The walking path is in the small village of Siasconset, where some of the most expensive properties in Nantucket and in Massachusetts are located. It allows visitors to see some of these houses behind white picket fences up close. By following this path, you can walk up to the high cliffs to enjoy a panoramic view of the Atlantic and the gorgeous Sankaty Head Lighthouse or head to Siasconset Beach.

3. Sankaty Head Light

This historic lighthouse is situated on the eastern shore of Nantucket and is one of the most recognizable of all three lighthouses of Nantucket.

The red and white striped brick lighthouse tower is near the village of Siasconset. It was built in 1850 but, interestingly, was moved back into the shore in 2007 by about 400 feet to protect it from collapsing into the ocean due to the corrosion of the cliffs. Today, it is still a fully functional guide for mariners.

The view of the lighthouse, the ocean, and in the spring, the endless field of bright yellow daffodils surrounding it is incredible. From this point, according to locals, if you get on a boat and head east, chances are that the next piece of land you will see will be somewhere on the west coast of Europe.

4. Cisco Beach

This long beach with white sands, along the sandbar, and often heavy surf is trendy among youngsters, surfers, and other water sports lovers. You can rent a board, a wetsuit, or other gear, or even sign up for some lessons on the beach itself, as it is home to one of the best surf schools on the island – the Nantucket Surf School.

Cisco Beach is also one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches preferred by couples, especially for photo shoots and romantic dates at sunset. You can bring a picnic basket or grab some delicious snacks and fresh seafood delicacies from the nearby food trucks.

On your way home, stop by the famous Cisco Brewery to listen to live music and enjoy some of the best drinks on the island.

5. Brant Point Lighthouse

Brant Point Lighthouse is symbolic of the island of Nantucket. It is the country’s second oldest fully functioning lighthouse and the first building that greets the arriving boats and ferries at the harbor. It has been guiding the ships and boats since 1746, and the legends are that by throwing a couple of pennies when passing by it, visitors of the island will ensure that they return once again to the magical island of Nantucket.

The small, but beautiful lighthouse is gorgeous in the spring when locals adorn it with a large daffodil wreath. On Christmas, locals and visitors alike can admire the oversized festive wreath decorating the tower.

Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket island, United States

Photo by Rusty Watson

6. Sanford Farm

Not only does Nantucket have some of the most meticulously preserved historic buildings, with not a single modern house in sight, but the authorities and people of the island are passionate about preserving its nature too. As a result, half of the land there is conserved and undeveloped. Sanford Farm is among those territories which are protected from any future construction.

It is a beautiful conservation area, which once used to be a pasture used for sheep and cows by owner Anne Sanford, and then became a dairy farm.
Today, it is owned by the local Land Bank and has several picturesque walking trails open to visitors. You can experience some unforgettable views of the nearby Hummock Ponds, the North Head, and the Atlantic as you walk these paths. While walking through these endless green pastures, the only building on site is the charming stone house and the historic barn of the former farm.

As we conclude our exploration of Nantucket’s breathtaking scenic views, we can’t help but feel a sense of awe for the natural wonders this island has to offer. Nantucket is a destination that will leave an indelible mark on your memories. I hope that the six sights I have unveiled in this blog post will offer you a glimpse into the splendor that awaits you on this island.

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