Decorating A New Build Home: Tips For Homeowners Moving To A Brand New Property


Moving into a brand new property is just like starting with a blank canvas somewhere new. It comes with a sense of excitement and anticipation that’s unparalleled. The smell of fresh paint, the untouched surfaces, the pristine fittings are like nothing else. You will also have the chance to personalise your space and reflect your style and preferences. But with all that potential, knowing where to start with the decoration process can be overwhelming. This is why, today we’ve decided to share our top tips on moving to a new build home and decorating in a way that brings you joy.

Maximise The Potential Of Your Space

New build properties tend to be modern, efficient and designed for today’s lifestyle, but they might not have the character or distinct architectural features of older properties. So, it’s important to look at your space with a creative eye and think about how you can inject your personality into it. Start with a detailed walk-through of your home, imagining how you’ll use each room and what atmosphere you want to create. Consider how natural light changes throughout the day and how this might affect your colour choices. Visualising your space before you begin decorating will ensure your finished home truly reflects you and your lifestyle.

Create A Cohesive Look

Furniture is the next significant aspect to consider in your decorating process. Choose pieces that complement your colour scheme and fit the scale of your rooms. It might be tempting to bring all your old furniture to your new build, but this could result in a cluttered, incohesive look. If some items don’t fit your new home’s aesthetic or size, consider alternatives. For example, you can rely on Safestore, which provides a convenient and secure way to keep cherished belongings away until you have space for them. With facilities all across the country, Safestore allows you to keep your items safe, offering flexible plans to fit your needs.

Set The Mood With Colour

Colour plays a critical role in setting the mood and feel of a room. A new build property is typically painted in neutral tones, allowing you to add your flair. When deciding on a colour scheme, consider how you want each room to feel. For example, lighter shades can create a sense of space and tranquillity, perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms. In contrast, deeper or brighter hues can add warmth and personality, great for communal spaces like the living room or kitchen.

Cozy living room decor with orange sofa, cushions, carpet and house plants

Photo by Spacejoy

Balance Lighting

Lighting is often underestimated in home decoration, but it can make or break your design. It’s important to balance different types of lighting in each room to create the perfect ambience. For example, ambient lighting, often from ceiling fixtures, sets the overall light level in a room. Also, task lighting focuses on areas where specific tasks are performed, like desk lamps in a home office or pendant lights over a kitchen counter. On the other hand, accent lighting can help you highlight different features, such as artwork. Choosing the right fixtures is also crucial. For instance, statement pendants can add character to a modern, minimalist new build, while sleek, recessed lights could offer a more contemporary look.

Accentuate With Accessories

Once your colour scheme is set and furniture is selected, it’s time for the fun part, which is accessorising your place. Adding accessories is a great way to make a space feel like home. In a living room, think about plush cushions, cosy throws and statement artwork. In the kitchen, consider open shelving displaying your best pots, or a magnetic wall-mounted spice rack. Even the bathroom can be transformed with stylish storage solutions, luxurious towels and a selection of scented candles.

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