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  • Chocolate sourdough bread

    Chocolate Sourdough Bread

    Chocolate Sourdough is a fragrant loaf with great flavour, subtle in sweetness, bold with cocoa, a soft and springy crumb and crispy outside crust. It is not a bread you easily find at your…

  • Chocolate Beetroot Cake with Buttercream Icing | Mondomulia

    Chocolate Beetroot Cake with Buttercream Icing

    One of the first recipes I shared on Mondomulia (already 8 years ago!) was a Beetroot & Chocolate Cake. I decided to recreate this cake recently for my husband’s birthday. Beetroot and chocolate create…

  • Swedish style twisted cinnamon bun recipe

    Swedish Style Twisted Cinnamon Buns

    After looking for cinnamon buns (not rolls!) everywhere here in Wroclaw (and not finding them), I decided to make them at home! Making kanelbullar is not difficult, though you need patience to yield the…

  • Rustic sweet galette with plum jam, fresh raspberries and strawberries. The ultimate summer dessert recipe! | Mondomulia

    My 10 favourite summer dessert recipes

    Now that summer has officially started (here in Europe) I thought it would be nice to share ten best summer dessert recipes from Mondomulia! In this post, I have listed my favourite cakes, tarts…

  • Focaccia Bread with Sourdough Discard | Recipe by Mondomulia

    Focaccia Bread with Sourdough Discard

    Italian focaccia is one of the easiest, and tastiest may I add, breads to make at home. Learn how to make focaccia using yeast and adding your sourdough discard to add a lovely tangy…