My Week on Instagram

9th December 2011

Update: my iPhone was stolen a few hours after publishing this post, so unfortunately this will be my *only* week on Instagram… :(

As you know by now, I am addicted to photographing food. Like, all the time. Sometimes I feel like I have to apologize to people for being a weirdo who lets her food/coffee go cold in search of the perfect shot!

I can’t always carry the weight of my Nikon D80 and sometimes using a big camera in public can be a bit intimidating (to me and other people). I was once snapping happily at my plate in a NY deli when the waiter whispered to me: “Admit it, you are a journalist!”. See, sometimes I wish I could take photographs without being noticed!

For this reason, Instagram for iPhone is just perfect! The quality is pretty good and I like the square format and the sharing opportunities. Why can’t they make it available for Android and spread the Instagram love?!

So here it is, a recap of my week on Instagram, with cupcakes, roasted chestnuts, biscuits, salads and many coffees!

To see all my Instagram photos, click here.

Featured in this post: Benugo, J+A Café, Candid Arts Café, Shoreditch Grind, St. James’s Hotel and Club

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