Roasted Cod with Mushrooms, Mangetout and Noodles


Today I’m sharing with you a recipe from Hello Fresh, an online service that takes care of your meal planning and grocery shopping – all you need to do is use the ingredients provided and cook. The recipe is roasted cod with mushrooms, mangetout and noodles.

I was contacted by Hello Fresh and offered to try the service for free. I didn’t know the website before and I was skeptical about accepting the offer, as I didn’t want to feel obliged to then write a positive review here. But after looking at their website, I found the idea so original and good, that I was happy to try it.

On Tuesday I received a big box containing meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, pancetta, pasta, tomato sauce and “the little bits”: garlic, spices, a stock cube, fresh herbs. They also squeezed in a packed of caramel chocolates as a treat (thank you)!

You know the feeling of receiving a big box of nice stuff in the post? As you can imagine, I was very happy!

With the groceries, I received three recipes printed on pretty coloured flyers presenting the recipe and listing ingredients on one side, while displaying the recipe preparation (with step by step pictures) on the other.

The recipes were very original and made me discover new dishes and flavours. Having all the ingredients measured for me meant that I could get straight into cooking without wasting any extra time in the shops or in the kitchen – all you need is around 30 minutes of cooking and even the most complicated dish will come to life!

The first recipe I tried was the Roasted Coconut Cod with Shiitake Mushrooms, Mange Tout and Egg Noodles.


  • 2 cod fillets
  • 2 nests of egg noodles
  • 50g of mange tout
  • 60g of Shiitake mushrooms
  • 3 tsp of coconut powder
  • 1 lime
  • 5g fresh ginger
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 chicken stock cube
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 3 tsp olive oil


Pre-heat the oven grill to high heat and boil 600ml of water in a pot. Roughly chop the mushrooms. Cut the red chilli in half lengthways and remove the seeds before cutting it into really thin match sticks. Next peel and finely dice the ginger.

In a bowl mix the coconut powder with olive oil, the zest of half lime, chilli and ginger. Squeeze in the juice of half of the lime with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Coat the cod fillets thoroughly on both sides with the olive oil and coconut mixtures, Put them on a baking tray and cook them on the top shelf under the grill for 8 minutes.

Pout the chicken stock cube into the boiling water. Once it dissolves, add in the noodles and soy sauce. After one minute, add in the mange tout with the mushrooms and cook for three more minutes. Drain the pot but retain some of the broth for later.

Serve your noodles, mushrooms and mange tout into a bowl and top them with a piece of grilled cod. Finish off by adding half a cup of the broth into your bowl.

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29/03/2012 10:19

Tried this last week – food was really good!

Alice Ross
Alice Ross
26/03/2012 09:50

Very interesting – will definitely give this a go. Have just moved to the city with my boyfriend, and we’ve been struggeling to find healthly and good/new food (the Tesco Express across the road is stocked pretty much exclusively with those disgusting ready meals… which I find myself succumbing to again and again after a long day’s work… simply because they have literally nothing else…!)

Anyway… this looks like it could potentially be the next new thing… certainly seems ideal for city workers… or anyone who wants to eat healthy food.



26/03/2012 10:08
Reply to  Alice Ross

I also do 90% of my food shopping in a Tesco Express and I hate it! Still there are better options that the ready meals, like salads, couscous, pasta, which are quick and healthier. Also try to stock up of good produce at the weekend by visiting a farmers’ market or make a trip to Wholefoods or Waitrose.

25/03/2012 20:22

Stolen! :-)

Maria Cristina
Maria Cristina
25/03/2012 19:49

Is this what our future is like? I’m not sure I’d like it…..

25/03/2012 12:19

hahaha unfortunately..Finland is not a delivery area.. so sad! anyway.. sounds so interesting!

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