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I hope you don’t mind that my blog is increasingly becoming just about brunch, coffee and cake! ;) I have a few more brunch reviews in store for you this month!

Following my brunch date with my friends Sam and Hannah at Ozone Coffee Roasters last month, we decided to meet up again a few weeks later, this time at Caravan Exmouth Market.

We agreed to meet on a Saturday at noon, which I thought was early enough to find a table without having to queue for too long… (wishful thinking)

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-12

When Sandy and I arrived at Caravan Kings Cross, Sam and Hannah were nowhere to be seen; a few tweets later, we realized they were waiting at Caravan Exmouth Market instead! Luckily it was only a short bus ride away and around 12:30 we finally met at the right location!

Sam and Hannah had been waiting for a table for 45 minutes (having arrived at Caravan at 11:40). We waited ten more minutes together, before finally sitting down.

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-11Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-10

Caravan coffee, made with 100% Arabica beans ethically sourced and roasted on site, is very good and in fact you will find it served in many restaurants in London.

For espresso-based drinks, they use a house blend that changes every season. Filter coffee is made with single origin beans: Monsoon Malabar (India), Finca La Fany (El Salvador) and Aceh Tenga (Sumatra).

We all ordered Flat Whites, with the exception of Hannah, who chose a tea.

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-1Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-3Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-2

I tried the brunch menu at Caravan Kings Cross last summer and food-wise the Exmouth Market brand didn’t offer any surprises.

Cornbread French Toast, Bacon, Rocket and Avocado was my safe choice and it didn’t disappoint: it was tasty and filling. My husband ordered a vegetarian dish: Fried Egg and Spicy Beans on Grain Toast.

Both arrived covered in rocket, which appears to be the hipster topping du jour. I challenge you to count how many dishes are served with rocket in this city, you will find it is ubiquitous! It reminded me of an article by Seb Emina (author of The Breakfast Bible) for The Clerkenwell Post, where he wrote: “my heart sinks when I see a straggling mess of rocket teetering over my fried eggs”. A fan of classic breakfasts, Seb prefers them without salad, and I agree.

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-4 Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-6

Sam ordered the Poached Eggs on Toast, with Peas and Hollandaise Sauce. Butter and Sourdough Toast on the side.

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-9 Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-7

Hannah couldn’t resist her sweet tooth and went for Pancakes with Crème Fraîche and Compote. I didn’t taste it, but one observation I can make is that the portion seemed a bit small for the price: £7.50 for only two pancakes.

But then, it’s hard to please me when it comes to pancakes, as for me it’s impossible to beat the quality and portion size of Bea’s Diner in Maltby Street!

Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-5 Caravan Exmouth Market Mondomulia-8

While researching for this post, I read a few negative reviews about Caravan, complaining about the service for not being friendly, accurate and quick.

With the exception of the long wait, I don’t have any complaints: while not overly friendly and warm, the service was fast and the orders arrived without mistakes.

I enjoyed the brunch, overall, and I would love to go back to either locations in Kings Cross and Exmouth Market (admittedly, the prospect of a long wait might send me somewhere else!).

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13/05/2013 18:10

Prices seem reasonable. Must try this place.

29/03/2013 12:31

I agree that the staff could do with being a tad nicer and friendlier. We didn’t have any specific issue of delay or mistakes, but it definitely wasn’t a service worth paying 12.5% extra for…

29/03/2013 02:52

We are going to all the same places! I was hoping to write about Ozone and Caravan soon lol. Gorgeous photos. I do have to add one negative chime to the others. I’ve been three times and had the same waitress two of those times. The first time it was very busy so I can overlook the brusqueness of her way with us. But the second time it was not very busy, and we asked for that cornbread french toast. I clearly said twice "No bacon" and the second time "No bacon, my boyfriend is a vegetarian" and she nodded both times and breezed off with the menus. It came draped with floppy, partially cooked bacon. We weren’t impressed with that but damn if the food and coffee there is so good, I don’t mind that much.

Giulia Mulè
21/01/2016 11:04
Reply to  Kate

I agree that the staff could do with being a tad nicer and friendlier. We didn’t have any specific issue of delay or mistakes, but it definitely wasn’t a service worth paying 12.5% extra for…

29/03/2013 12:30

Ok then, more coffee and cake for you! :)

Brian's Coffee Spot
29/03/2013 01:31

"I hope you don’t mind that my blog is increasingly becoming just about brunch, coffee and cake!" Mind? Why would I mind? I think it’s excellent :-) I’ve only really sampled Caravan’s coffee and cake offerings at King’s Cross, which were lovely. I also had their coffee (the Finca La Fany) at Foxcroft and Ginger today and it was great. Lovely pictures by the way :-) Brian.

Giulia Mulè
21/01/2016 11:04

Ok then, more coffee and cake for you! :)

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