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Last month I finally got around to trying the new-ish (it opened on the 30th November) Patty & Bun. After serving London’s best burgers at markets and pop-ups, P&B found a permanent home and is now established as one of the best burger joints in London.


I loved their signature cheese-burger, the “Ari Gold”, when I tasted it at Feast last summer; now I wanted to get the full Patty & Bun experience! :)


Patty & Bun is a 30-seat space near Bond Street station. Kelly, Selina and Katy and I met there just after 6pm on a Thursday evening. Kelly and Selina had already reached the front of the queue when I arrived, yet we still had to wait 50 minutes to get a table for four. The atmosphere outside was cheerful, people in the queue passed the time chatting and drinking beers. It was a warm spring evening and we didn’t mind standing outside, but the curiosity to taste the famous burgers was a lot to contain!

The red shop front and distinctive logo attract the attention of passers-by, but inside, the decor is simple and bare: wooden tables, painted cardboard boxes hanging from the white walls, shelf boxes displaying cans of soft drinks and wine bottles.



All the focus is on the food, as it should be, because the P&B burgers are really worth the wait!

Provenance of ingredients is essential – we use the freshest and tastiest ingredients we can get our hands on, using the best of British wherever possible. Our aim is to serve delicious burgers (along with some other treats). [Patty & Bun]

Patty&Bun_Burger_London-4 Patty&Bun_Burger_London-21Patty&Bun_Burger_London-5

Everything here is so good, it is in fact worth it. If you are going to eat food that sees you flirt with a heart attack, it should be the stuff of food dreams, at Patty & Bun, it really is. [The Critical Couple]


We started with a portion of “Winger Winger Chicken Dinner” to share: six “smoked confit wings with crisped skin, which are smothered in a delicately spiced and reduced BBQ sauce before being served with a sprinkle of super-finely chopped spring onion”. (quote from Burgerac)

On the side, we ordered a few portions of hand-cut, skin-on, Rosemary Salt Fries, which were also great.

Kelly and I went for the ‘Ari Gold’ – 35-day aged, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche. Selina and Katy chose the Smokey Robinson, where the pickled onions are replaced with “mounds of caramelised onions and bacon”.

The ever-improving standard of the brioche burger bun is a heartening thing, and this is one of the better examples – bouncy and airy, yet solid, it’s a great host for the Gold’s contents. The patty was proper quality meat and was cooked impeccable accuracy across all four burgers we ordered. Impressive. [Burger Anarchy]

Patty-and-Bun-Burger-London Patty-and-Bun-Burger-London-1Patty-and-Bun-Burger-London-2Patty-and-Bun-Burger-London-3

Despite having to manage constant queues of hungry Londoners, the staff at Patty & Bun was friendly and accommodating. The service was quick and the prices were very reasonable.

I would love to go back to Patty & Bun soon, but it is not an ideal destination for (large) groups or if you are in a hurry. They don’t take reservations, but they do takeaways, which is great if you work in the area.

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