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I have been travelling a lot these past few months, so when I do get to spend a weekend in London I try to make the most of it. Exploring east London and in particular Hackney is always on my bucket list but I never seem to be able to keep up with all the openings of new cafés and restaurants. One place that I’ve been meaning to visit for quite a while is Jones and Sons, a classic British restaurant and cocktail bar in Dalston.


Housed in an old Victorian textile factory in Dalston now home to Cell Studios, Jones & Sons is the latest addition to the local landscape and aims to offer a haven for the more discerning Dalston diner. It’s a space to meet, eat, relax and also have the odd drink, where the speciality is quality, well-made British food. [Jones & Sons]

Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-1  Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-23Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-18 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-19 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-22Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-26

I planned a brunch date with lovely ladies Plumdiddlyumcious, Lady Velo and MsHGolightly and so last Sunday I woke up bright and early to take the Overground from Clapham to Dalston. I walked the short distance from Kingsland station to Jones and Sons with curious eyes, trying to remember how the neighbourhood used to look like when I lived around here 5-6 years ago.

It’s crazy how many different “London” you can experience depending on the area you visit: different atmosphere, architecture, people, lifestyle. I love south London, but there’s something about laid-back Hackney that I miss.

After my little wander I arrived at Jones and Sons and ordered a Flat White while I waited for the girls to arrive.


Our brunch date was a stylish affair, given Plum’s, Barbara’s and Jools’ fashion credentials. I wore a brand new Topshop jumper and a turquoise necklace I bought in Melbourne. I forgot to ask the girls to take a photo of me, but there’s a nice shot of us on Lady Velo’s Instagram page.

It wasn’t too long before we started chatting about clothes and style (with Plum and Jools lusting over Barbara’s Miu Miu bag), though most of the talking revolved around blogs and food and our future plans!

Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-17 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-16 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-15

So let’s talk about food! The brunch dishes at Jones and Sons are among the best you can find in London. My Eggs Royale were perfectly made and presented, I am still drooling over these pictures!

Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-8 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-14

The Eggs Benedict and the Smoked Haddock with Poached Eggs, Spinach & Hollandaise looked great too.


I don’t like tomato juice, so I am not into Bloody Marys or Virgin Marys, but they are brunch staples and the glasses added colours to our table! :)

Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-24 Brunch-Jones-and-Sons-13

By the time we left the restaurant a couple of hours later, Jones and Sons was busy and the brunch dishes had been replaced by beautiful-looking Sunday Roasts. I walked with Plum to nearby Mouse & de Lotz for takeaway coffee and cake before starting the journey back to Clapham.

Until next time, east London!

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    As you can tell, I am prepping for my trip. The eggs and smoked haddock really look incredible!

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