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If you spot a multi-coloured greenhouse while walking on the Southbank this evening or tomorrow, don’t walk past! Go in, it’s a greenhouse full of herbs and plants courtesy of Spark Your City!

Spark Your City

Spark Your City is a global movement dedicated to spark joy in everyday city life. It was launched by Kipling as a way of celebrating life’s important little moments and implementing their mission statement, “Make Happy”.

The greenhouse is the third event organised by Spark Your City this year. Every event has had a female host, chosen by Kipling for her creativity, ability to inspire joy and create an unforgettable and infectious message of happiness. In the summer, Spark Your City created two events in some of London’s busiest landmarks: London Bridge with Gemma Cairney and Sutton Walk with Helen Skelton. The third Spark involved award winning chef, author and entrepreneur Thomasina Miers.

I visited the greenhouse last night and it was beautifully sparkly against the London skyline! Definitely stop by if you’re around Southbank / Waterloo tonight or tomorrow!

Spark Your City Spark Your City Spark Your City

I went back there this morning and there was a cheerful atmosphere, with these lovely ladies hading out seeds and recipes.

Spark Your City

Spark Your CitySpark Your City

“I want to tell people about the joy of vegetable gardens and growing your own food. This truly sparks happiness into your ordinary everyday meal.”

Spark Your CitySpark Your City

Spark Your City wants to gift a fleeting and extraordinary moment of joy to London commuters, but also nudge them into cultivating and consuming their own organic produce. Inside the greenhouse you will find pots with rosemary, thyme and lavender seeds to take home and grow. Recipes cards written by Thomasina will also be handed out with twists on Christmas recipes and instructions on how to spice up meals by integrating home grown flavours during the festive season.

Spark Your CitySpark Your CitySpark Your City

Spark Your City aims to be as sustainable and responsible as possible, therefore materials used for the city sparks are going to be recycled. The wood elements of the greenhouse will be removed and chipped and used for heating the workshop. The greenery in the greenhouse will be donated to the ARC Franklin school (as part of Thomasina’s Openair Classroom Project).

Spark Your City

Kipling’s Spark your City, will continue to inspire and touch the hearts and minds of people around the world, reminding us all that life should never be taken too seriously and we should all ‘make happy’ everyday. Be the first to know about the next sparks in your city at:

Disclaimer: I was invited to review the event. All opinions are my own. All photos are by me, except the top one.

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