Pimm’s Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill


On a warm summer Sunday a few weeks ago, my husband and I planned a day out in Notting Hill for brunch and a visit to Holland Park and the new Design Museum. The day couldn’t have had a better start than at Eggbreak, one of the best breakfast spots in West London, where I was invited to review their new Pimm’s Brunch Series.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

Eggbreak is an all-day neighbourhood restaurant and cafè located on Uxbridge Road, aka one of the prettiest streets in London, just minutes away from Notting Hill Gate station. Serving food from breakfast through to dinner. Honestly when you go to Eggbreak you need to plan an extra 30 minutes in your schedule just to take pretty Instagram shots of the pastel-coloured townhouses!

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

Just in time for the hot season, Eggbreak launched a bespoke Pimm’s menu. For all you non-Brit readers, Pimm’s is the ultimate summer drink here in Britain. It has a distinctive rich amber hue which comes from infusing gin with herbal botanicals, caramelised orange and delicate spices. You can mix it with dry gin, or lemonade, or ginger ale or sparkling wine, serve it with fresh fruit and lots of ice. It’s the drink to have on a hot summer day! As part of the Pimm’s Brunch Series, a number of top brunch destinations in London are offering a bespoke Pimm’s menu and Eggbreak is one of them.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

We chose the Pimm’s and Proper cocktails, which are made with Pimm’s No.1, Gordon’s London Dry Gin and Tonic water. They are sweet, slightly fizzy and very refreshing drinks served in highball glasses.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

When it comes to the food, choosing a dish at Eggbreak is difficult, I am not going to lie. Everything sounds and looks delicious. I had been here for brunch once before, two summers ago when they had just opened. I was there with the IGBrunchClub and I remember loving it. At the time the restaurant had just opened on a low key to test out this new concept of having a menu entirely focused on eggs. The concept worked so well that Eggbreak was closed down for a few months, refurbished (the basement room was subsequently renovated) and reopened with a slightly different menu.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

Excitingly, their coffee is now roasted by Terrone Coffee, one of my favourite roasters in London!

I decided to go for a classic dish: Eggs Benedict. The Eggbreak Benny is served with two toasted English muffins, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Normally this dish comes with ham, but at Eggbreak you can choose any side you want from the “sides” section of the menu. These include chorizo. ‘nduja, bacon, smoked salmon, sausage, avocado, morcilla, spinach or salt beef.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

My husband ordered the Shakshuka: tomato and pepper sauce with two fried eggs on top and sourdough toast on the side.

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

We also ordered the Cornflake French toast to share (with caramelised banana, blueberries and brown butter maple syrup), because…why not? It was really delicious!

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting HillCornflake French Toast at Eggbreak in London

All three dishes were really tasty and filling. Eggbreak feels like a laid-back neighbourhood cafè, with locals coming in and greeting the staff with hello and questions about their day. It’s a very cozy and welcoming space, with the added bonus of great food and drinks!

The only downside of Eggbreak is that they don’t take bookings and – as you can imagine – they tend to be very busy during the weekend. We arrived around 11:30 on a Sunday and we easily got a table, but if you plan to arrive around 13:00 you will likely have to queue. Good news is that you can leave your name down and spend the time taking photos of pretty pastel-coloured townhouses while you wait for your table! :)

Pimm's Sunday Brunch at Eggbreak in Notting Hill

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Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Pimm’s. All opinions are my own.

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