10 Romantic Ideas For A Memorable Date


Are you thinking that it’s time to make the right impression on your crush, or do something fun and exciting with your partner – indeed it may well be time to set up a romantic date! But the question is: ‘What can you do to make a date memorable?’ There are so many ideas available for you to try out, but here are ten ideas that I feel are very romantic and creative for you both to enjoy.

Couple on a romantic date in Mumbai, India

Attend a wine tasting event at a vineyard or winery

Many would agree that this is a lovely romantic option – especially for a first date. During a first date, there is intense awkwardness – your nerves would be all over the place. The ambiance of these places creates a calm atmosphere, which is perfect for calming the nerves. If you are not so good at small talk, you can share your opinions on the various wines to get a conversation going. A wine tasting is an exciting experience bound to create memories, and if this is your date’s first wine tasting, that’s even better. 

Visiting a vineyard in Rioja, Spain

Go for a picnic

If it is a beautiful, bright sunny day, why not take advantage and go for a romantic picnic? Pack some snacks, good food, and beverages and go out to the park. Picnics give you and your partner some time to enjoy each other’s company as well as the great outdoors. But I think you can take it a step further than the regular picnic in the park. Why not have a picnic in your car? If you happen to know a hill that overlooks the city, then drive up there and set up a picnic blanket on the car’s hood; or simply snuggle and enjoy your snacks and each other’s company while overlooking the city in your car. 

food and Champagne for a romantic picnic uin the park

Recreate a romantic restaurant setting at home

You do not have to go out to create memories and be romantic. You can take matters into your own hands and set up a beautiful idyllic setting for you and your partner at home. Unleash your cooking skills and prepare a date night dinner for you both. Put on some romantic tunes, set the dinner table, throw some rose petals around and spray a sweet-scented fragrance in the room. Are you confused about the right candles to get? Why not go the extra mile and make your own? Online stores, like Supplies for Candles, have a variety of scents and fragrances you can choose from.

Play tourist in your hometown

You may have lived in a particular city or town for a long time, but how often have you gone out to explore it? You can create memories with your partner by suggesting a day of exploration in your hometown. Visit museums, take pictures at monuments, try street food, and visit must-see attractions. You can also use this opportunity to show your partner parts of your hometown that are significant to you, like the house you grew up in or your primary school, or your favourite after school hangout spot.

Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City is one of the most beautiful squares in the world | Mondomulia

Try a DIY project together

Using the day to complete a DIY project is an adorable idea for a date. You may not be a pro at crafts, but with your partner, this is never a problem. The aim is not to create something perfect but rather, to have fun while unleashing your creative juices and spending intimate time with your partner. If you live together, these DIY projects could entail something for the home, like making a bookshelf, painting a wall, creating an indoor garden, painting artworks together using watercolours and other home decor ideas.

Try new recipes

Going to restaurants to try new food is always an exciting thing to do with your partner, but so is putting your cooking skills to the test. Have a fun-filled bake-off, trying your hands on new recipes like making cookies and pastries, focaccia bread or even Swedish styled cinnamon buns. What about a cook-off? If you both are not so skilled at cooking, you should pick out an easy recipe to try. The romantic part is how much fun you will have in making these meals together- regardless of how it turns out.

Swedish style twisted cinnamon bun recipe

Take classes together

I do not know about you, but I have seen enough romantic movies to know that taking an art class together is guaranteed to be a passionate and memorable date. You can take dance lessons, especially if you have poor dancing skills- no one would forget the day they learnt to dance the night away. You can also go for a still drawing class, improv classes; cooking classes to learn new cuisines and skills, for example a French macaron class or a Moroccan cooking masterclass; or you might want to recreate the romantic scene in “Ghost” by taking a pottery class. 

Greek cooking class in Costa Navarino resort, Greece

Organise a game night

You do not need to be alone to create a romantic date. Introducing your partner to your friends, or having the right mix of theirs and yours still produces intimacy. Better yet, you can organise a couple’s game night to double date and have some fun playing games.

Go out to see a show

There may be a few small open air concerts, socially distanced events, or live shows happening around this summer, that you think your date may be interested in seeing. If they love films, then you could take them to a drive in cinema. If it’s music, you can choose to see a band play, for example a jazz quartet playing in an outdoor terrace in a bar or even a music show of your favourite band watched in live streaming.

Theatre live show sign, Chicago

Photo by Madai on Unsplash

Get a Bottomless Brunch

What’s more leisurely than spending a few hours together on a Saturday drinking a few glasses of bubbly or Bloody Mary, eating a Michelin starred brunch, chatting, reading the papers, discussing what’s going on with your lives, sharing stories, relaxing? I love going out for brunch on a weekend, particularly when the restaurant or cafe offers bottomless drinks. My favourite pairing for a decadent brunch is Eggs Royale and a glass of Champagne. What’s yours?

Brunch at St Pancras Brasserie in LondonAC

With these ten ideas, I am sure your partner would look forward to the next date every time! Do not lose your mojo; find new ideas aside from these. If you try any of these on your first date, I suggest you get ready because you are going to get a text or call asking when the second date would be coming on. 

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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millie brookes
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