Family-friendly Activities To Do With Kids in Bangkok


Are you dreaming of a holiday in the tropical beaches of Thailand, but are worried that Bangkok (often a necessary stop on your way to Phuket or other islands) may not be a kids-friendly destination? It would be a shame to skip a visit to this lively capital city, its markets, temples, and magnificent palaces. Here’s a guide to 10 fun activities for parents and kids to do together in Bangkok.

Loha Prasat Temple in Bangkok

Photo by Alejandro Cartagena

Bangkok is a large cosmopolitan city filled with a diversity of people, cultures, and places to discover. A city built on water where small wooden houses stand side by side with modern skyscrapers and gleaming temples. Bangkok offers a variety of major tourist attractions.

If you are travelling to the city for the first time, here’s my four-day guide to Bangkok: where to stay, what to visit and – most importantly – where and what to eat!

A chef cooking Pad Thai noodles and other dishes in Bangkok - Night food tour of Bangkok on a tuk tuk | Mondomulia

The famous Pad Thai noodles, Thailand’s signature dish

While not always considered to be the most family-friendly city, because of its dense population and high traffic, Bangkok has a lot to offer to kids (and their parents!).

From tourist sights and cultural shows to wetlands and parks, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained, from toddlers to teenagers.

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I have created a list of 10 fun, family-friendly, exciting things to do in the city og Bangkok. Have a look to find the best activity to do with your kids on your next holiday to Thailand!

View of the city of Bangkok from the summit of Wat Saket, a Buddhist temple

A view of Bangkok from Wat Saket Buddhist temple

1. Play with Corgis at Corgi in the Garden

Are you a Corgi fan? If your answer is yes, Corgi in the Garden is your paradise! You can play with one out of the 13 Corgis that wander around this restaurant. Dean, Quin, Porkchop, Pumpkin, Salmon, Bean, Bone, Babycorn, Blossom, Bluebell, Barley, Buttercup and Marmalade! Playing with such cute characters like Corgis will give you lots of pleasure. While playing don’t forget to enjoy the refreshments of the café. But make sure you book the place in advance to avoid disappointments.

2. Get your hands dirty at Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm

The 1000 Mai Café & Farm is the best place for your kids to move with animals like chickens, ducklings and sheep. If you are willing to make your hands and feet dirty, regardless of the age, go to its small farm. A person who is tired of farm stuff can rest while canoeing in the pond with parents. And also you can send your creative-minded child to the art area with sculptures and glass decorations. Don’t forget to refill your stomach at its café with baked food and salads.

Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm in Bangkok

Photo by Baan 1000 Mai Café

3. Teleport to another world at VR1 Bangkok

Are you ready to say goodbye to the big, messy arcade games machines and say hello to the latest state-of-the-arc VR games? At VR1 Bangkok, you can select a wide array of games from cooking competitions and dancing challenges to shooting games. As you teleport to the virtual world via the flashy virtual reality glasses, try your best to display your talents. They also offer you PlayStation and Oculus VR systems. Soon after you have completed playing sessions at VR1 Bangkok, get your selves recharged by fries and soft drinks from its café.

4. Get excited at Flight Experience Bangkok

If you have ever wanted to fly a passenger jet, the best place for you is THAI Airlines Flight Simulator Training Center. It’s an aviation entertainment centre that offers the visitors an opportunity to operate a Boeing 737-800 NG flight simulator. It would be super fun to learn landings, take-offs and flying around. This activity can be recommended for both adults and kids above 11 years. The state-of-the-arc technology that incorporates with this Boeing 737 simulator features everything on a 180 degree curved screen. No doubt that this would be a memorable experience for every visitor.

5. Have fun on hands at the Children’s Discovery Museum

It is most probably a perfect place for a younger age group. The Children’s Discovery Museum cheers up the young generation to build up the world through experiences. You must be able to spend a lot of time here. Be an archaeologist at the science gallery and dig out some dinosaur bones. The most important thing about the Children’s Discovery Museum is that its entrance is free for all the children.     

6. Meet your favorite cartoon characters at Dream World

Dream World is Bangkok’s top amusement park located in Thanyaburi District. At this much-loved park you will be entertained for a full day with your family thanks to three roller coasters, a high speed train to space, famous monuments from around the world reproduced in miniature, and more. Kids will love spotting their favourite fairytale and cartoon characters in the Colours of the World Parade and going for a sledge ride in -8°C temperatures at Snow Town. Book your 1-Day Entrance Ticket to Dream World.

Dream World amusement park in Bangkok

7. Funarium, indoor play heaven for kids

It’s an indoor play area of 2,000 square feet divided into 4 sections regarding the age group. One is much safer with soft padded items for toddlers! Funarium has world-class safety standard play equipment suitable for children aged 0-13. Older children can play in the basketball court and football court, while adults can join in the play or relax.

8. Give your kids a challenge on two wheels at Peppermint Bike Park

Ever dreamed of being a brave man on wheels? This is your chance. There isn’t an age limit for Peppermint Bike Park and there are different trails to choose from depending on your age, skills and experience on the bicycle: beginner-friendly, Drop Zone and Butterfly Wall Ride. You can also learn some bicycle techniques to face a challenging bicycle ride. Don’t have a bicycle and a helmet? Don’t worry. You can rent one from here. There’s a café beside the trails to stop for drinks and snacks.

Peppermint Bike Park Bangkok

Photo by Peppermint Bike Park

9. Watch a movie at Kodomo Kids Cinema

Always in search of an interval from your energetic kids, while also wanting to give a rest to your aching legs? Take your kids to the Kodomo Kids Cinema at Mega Cineplex Bangna, sit together and watch a family-friendly movie. The kid’s cinema creates a new alternative for parents to use a cinema for recreational activities. Candy-coloured chairs are waiting for your children to sit on, and there are also sliders and pits with coloured balls to play with.

10. Create 3D paintings at Art in Paradise

Have you ever dreamed of going into a painting? It will come to reality at Art in Paradise. This easily accessible interactive art gallery consists of two stories of 3D masterpieces. These are painted on the walls and floors with great precision and using shadows so it looks like you can walk into them. Really can! If you could find the best pose for each scene, you’ll be successful in this game. Check out for arrows on every picture to find the pose. Art in Paradise is sure to bring you an uncommon wonder!

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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