6 Out-Of-The-Box Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids


Finding exciting, thoughtful, fun and affordable Christmas presents for your kids can be tough, especially when shopping online and at the last minute. We rounded up the best out-of-the-box gift ideas for games, tools and treats that your kids and your friends’ children are going to love!

A stack of wrapped Christmas gifts

Photo by Juliana Malta

Some parents struggle with gifting their kids. Some parents are not sure what to give their kids. But some parents want their gifts to be special and different – more than anything that their kids have received! If you are one of those parents, you have come to the right place. Christmas is no ordinary occasion and every extraordinary occasion deserves a special celebration. Keep reading to check out a special and personalised list of Christmas gifts for kids.

A Christmas tree and boxes of wrapped Christmas presents

Photo by Juliana Malta

1. For The Outdoor Soul: A Campfire Set

This incredible gift set contains all the materials required for your children to go on a camp with the other kids or their friends and family. You need not worry because this kit contains kid-friendly camping materials and nothing inflammable. Give your kids an adventurous childhood that you can be a part of too! Instead of sitting at home and lazing with a phone, they will now be able to explore the outdoors and have fun while at it!

2. To Have A Closer Look: A Pair Of Binoculars

Binoculars are always a handy investment for people of all ages. Kids have a curiosity that is higher than other age groups. A pair of Binoculars will fuel their curiosity for the unknown and help their inquisitiveness.

Plus, if they become interested, there are binoculars with different magnifications that can eventually become a hobby too! Maybe your kid will discover a new star! Seems unlikely, but really, who knows – what your kid might see!

A kid with binoculars

Photo by Markus Spiske

3. Card Games: Kids Against Maturity

This is a hilarious and family-friendly game like Cards Against Humanity. Not only is this a fun game but it also helps to develop creativity and innovation in your kids. The game contains a lot of humorous content that will leave you hysterical. Your Sunday evenings are sorted with this game. Sum up your Christmas night with this game and no cheating allowed!

4. Magic Spectacular Suitcase

No matter what age-group you belong to, everyone loves magic. Kids must always be wondering what it must be like to be the brains behind the magic and the absurd mysteries behind magic tricks. Magic sets are trademark gifting options for children as they contain several items along with a guide on how to conduct magic. This is certainly one of the best gifting options for children, especially for the ones who are a little too clever for their good!

Kids playing a board game with cards

Photo by cottonbro

5. For the Curious Ones: Books

To our most curious kids we want to give presents that foster their imagination and expand their knowledge. At a time when we are limited in our travels, a book can help us travel with the mind to new and exciting places. Kids from the ages of 3-5 years and all the way up to teens will surely appreciate the gift of beautifully designed and age-appropriate books. The best children’s books range from picture books to graphic novels, from fantasy stories that entertain and transport the minds to new places, to cookbooks that encourage your little  sous-chefs to practice their skills, to timeless classics like The Cat in The Hat, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Charlotte’s Web, or Harry Potter. 

6. Chocolate, For The Ones With A Sweet Tooth

It’s time to give those everyday and regular chocolates a twist! Make your kids’ Christmas a sweeter one with chocolates. Whether it is baking a 7 layered chocolate cake (Or three layers, if you’re not that extra) or a magnificent Christmas chocolate bouquet of all their favourite chocolates & yours! White chocolate and cookie butter truffles that need just 3 ingredients and no baking time, are super easy to make and perfect as gifts to your friends and their children. Or Chocolate cupcakes with little surprises inside them – you can do it all!

Chocolate advent calendar for Christmas

Photo by Markus Spiske

As you may very well know, all children love surprise gifts and as a parent – you should not compromise! A substandard gift can ruin the fun! But in all seriousness, Don’t shy away from being generous in gifting. Christmas is the season where you do not need a reason, right? Hence, take up this opportunity to give your kids something that they can learn from and remember for a lifetime to come! Merry Christmas! 

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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