Travelling by Car: Top 5 Road Trip Destinations of the World


Travelling gives us a chance to find inspiration and make reload. And a road trip is one of the best ways to get the best out of a trip. Today I am sharing with you some of the top destinations in the world to go on a road trip!

Borgarfjordur in South West of Iceland

Driving in Iceland

Even though this year hasn’t been the most successful one in terms of traveling, we all hope that the situation will change dramatically the next one, and we will get back on track. Traveling is a great way to put your daily worries on pause, reload your restless brain, and find a huge portion of inspiration. The latter is of great importance if your work is somehow connected with a creative field.

Many people believe that a road trip is the most successful decision since you get the freedom to plan your travel as you wish and deviate from the route when necessary. You can choose any country to travel around and any city to pop in. Besides, you don’t have to stay in a hotel if you can use your car to sleep in, travel in a motorhome or visit a caravan park or campground along the way.

Motorhome parked at night in a camping site in Oregon, United States

Photo by Blake Wisz

In general, a car is a great transportation means if you are going to visit some remote locations, or your trip consists of various spots. Get a good deal on a quality vehicle by using Ford Privilege. If you run an Instagram account, it can become a great chance to create decent content. So, what corners of the world is it worth visiting?

1. Iceland

If you ask people about the list of places they would like to visit, the chances are high you will find Iceland there in eight out of ten cases. This place attracts visitors with its picturesque landscapes, organic food and rich Icelandic cuisine, remoteness and geothermal seawater pools like the famous Blue Lagoon. If it is your first road trip there, it is worth choosing Route #1 since it is the Icelandic ring road with a perfect surface and all the possible markings and signs, so you will hardly get lost. The great thing is that it goes through eighteen cities, including the picturesque capital Reykjavik, providing a chance to enjoy the country’s main attractions.

Thus, you will see the geyser valleys and the Seljalandsfoss waterfall from all angles. And if you visit another famous waterfall, Skogafoss, you will come across a hiking trail that will lead you to the stunning glacier. And if you need some relaxation, go to the southernmost town, Vik, famous for black beaches. After a break, go to the largest Icelandic glacier Vatnajökull with the Grimsvötn volcano and the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon. The east of Iceland is famous for fjords, mountains, and wild deer.

Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

2. Scotland

It is one thing to enjoy Scotland’s picturesque views on your desktop, and it is a completely different thing to see this stunning nature with your own eyes. Just rent a car in Edinburgh and drive to the Highlands for the most epic road trips around Scotland. You will have to make an effort to stay calm when you reach Loch Lomond, the largest lake in Scotland, since there are a huge number of beautiful spots. However, if you try to explore each of them, you will not have time to pop in other great places. It is worth staying in the resort of Oban for a while to stroll along the waterfront and make sure that this town is called the Scottish capital of seafood for a reason.

The next day, you can go right to the fabulous Glen Coe Valley, where some Harry Potter episodes were shot. Due to its natural peculiarity, the earth, grass, and trees around them have red and orange colors, so you will have a feeling that you have found yourself on another planet. Cross the valley to the stunning Isle of Skye, where the roads often run along cliffs with breathtaking views. It is separated from Scotland by a small bridge, so it is easy to reach by car. Just remember that traffic in Skye is one-way, so do not take a large car; otherwise, you will not get past other tourists.

The Isle of Skye is arguably the most cinematic of Scotland’s epic islands, and it will help you experience the feeling that you have reached the end of the world. And after hunting for the Loch Ness Monster, head to Speyside, home of the legendary single malt whiskeys.

Loch in Scotland


3. Australia

When you see the landscapes of The Great Ocean Road firsthand, you will immediately understand why this route is called this way. It is quite self explanatory! Thus, if you want to get the best out of your Australian experience just in a week, start your trip in Sydney and head to Melbourne along the coast.

You will enjoy Kangaroo Valley and the uninhabited Phillip Island with penguins and koalas. You can feel free to stop at campsites at nature reserves or in tiny towns along the way, but make sure to grab everything you need after reading the top rated rooftop tents. The chances are high that Melbourne’s trip to Port Campbell National Park via The Great Ocean Road will become charry on the pie since this road is worth a visit to Australia by itself. One of the top experiences to do here is a sunrise hot balloon flight in Yarra Valley, followed by a Champagne breakfast and wine tasting at the best wineries of the area. Or book a helicopter flight for a birds’ eye view of the magnificent Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. Sydney is also on the list of must-visit places, with its iconic Opera House, Bondi beach and fantastic restaurants and coffee shops. If you want to see all the attractions in Australia’s capital, you will hardly do without a car.

I should mention the Great Barrier Reef, a stunning natural phenomenon that consists of a thousand islands and three coral reefs that look beautiful and impressive even from space. Remember that the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to October, when you will get low rainfall, clear waters and amazing diving conditions.

The Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

4. Denmark

You might have heard that several years ago, the Danes were recognized as the happiest nation on the globe, and their untranslatable term Hygge was introduced into the Oxford Dictionary. Denmark got its minute of fame and has begun to attract travelers from all the countries. When you reach Copenhagen, don’t rush to rent a car right away if you want to explore the capital. You can cross the city on foot and run into most of the city’s attractions along the way since everything is pretty close there. While Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen is best explored on foot or by bicycle, to explore the rest of the country you will need a car.

There are amazing self-drive itineraries across the country, such as Funen or North Jutland. Grab a car and head to Cape Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark, where you can enjoy two seas at once: the Baltic and the North. Well, the pearl of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm Island, is famous for its excellent beaches and mild climate. It will surprise you with a variety of landscapes, even if you are a sophisticated traveler.

Since Denmark is a small country, you could also decide to extend your trip and make your way into neighbouring Germany on the south, Sweden on the east (along the famous 16-kilometre long Øresund Bridge) or take a ferry across to Norway on the north. And, if you have the chance, try to go to the picturesque Faroe Islands.

Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Norway

Lofoten, Norway is a magical place where the sea, mountains, and wind arrange a party. You will enjoy small villages, snow-covered mountaintops, wonderful winter light and cold, pristine beauty of nature. Lofoten is the archipelago to the west in the ocean that is considered one of the most ancient mountain ranges beyond the Arctic Circle. In recent years, these remote regions have started attracting more tourists, and this area is especially popular with photographers thanks to the amazing arctic light. Along the archipelago, you can find the only E10 highway, built by the Norwegian king Olaf. The run between the last land-accessible town of Å and the village of Hamnøy is considered one of the most beautiful places there. The stunning nature can evoke a huge desire to stop and take pictures literally everywhere, but the road does not always allow it. However, every turn will provide you with a new portion of exciting views. Driving along the E10, you will run into many branches leading to even more scenic spots and small villages.

Innerdalen, Norway’s most beautiful mountain valley, is distinct for being completely isolated. There’s no road running through it, so you’ll be able to enjoy a sense of utter isolation and peace as you hike around the lake. Despite the seclusion, the area is actually quite approachable; the best way to get there is car from Oslo.

Tromsø is a charming city located in Norway’s northern tip, where you can hike in summer when the sun does not set or see the aurora in winter, experience the Sami culture, or go dog sledding. A car is very useful to have if you are planning to chase the northern lights in Tromso.

Northern lights Aurora borealis in Tromso, Norway

Northern lights in Tromso, Norway

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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