How to choose the perfect coffee machines for your business


One of the biggest perks of working in an office, as opposed to remote working from home, usually is the free coffee. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a well-earned break with a nice coffee they didn’t have to pay for, right? Sadly, not all employers invest the time and money to provide the best coffee machines and good quality, freshly roasted coffee beans.  Keeping your staff happy is one of the keys to having a successful business. So here’s 6 useful tips to choose the right coffee maker for your business.

French Press coffee and donut

French press (cafetiere) coffee

Perhaps you are about to provide drinks for your company. When there is so much choice it can often be overwhelming. There are several things you need to consider before making the final decision, for example: how much space do you have? What type of coffee do your employees prefer (espresso, filter, etc.)? Do you value quality over quantity? And finally, what is your budget? These are some of the things you should consider before buying.

Think About Variety And Space

If your staff have diverse tastes in coffee, a coffee pod machine might be the right choice. You can buy anything from americano and cappuccino pods to espresso and ristretto. You can offer a selection of blends to suit every taste! There are also decaffeinated versions for people who don’t want to be ‘pumped up’ on caffeine!

Whilst some workplaces have space for a coffee machine, others are more restricted. In these scenarios, it may be that a French Press (cafetiere) or pour over. You will need a kettle to boil the water, which can also come handy for the tea drinkers in your staff. If you have an induction stove in your office kitchen, then an Italian style stovetop moka pot may be an option. When the day is done, all someone has to do is wash up their equipment and store it in a nearby cabinet.

An Australian survey found that its population has an exact split between those who like filter coffee and those who prefer espresso. If you’re looking to rent a coffee machine in Australia, there are helpful websites that provide for offices and workplaces as well as restaurants, pubs, and clubs. It’s often possible to view the machines online, and some products are sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Sage appliances Bambino Plus espresso machine | Mondomulia

Sage Bambino Plus espresso machine

Consider How Much It Will Be Used

Be sure to calculate in advance how many people will be using the machine each day, and the number of cups they will make. Don’t forget to add an average number of visitors too. Only knowing the volume of coffee consumed every week, you will be able to make a realistic cost estimate.

Knowing about consumption is also important because it will help you when choosing the right coffee maker for you. For example, a French Press or Hario V60 Dripper might be a slow and time-consuming item for a full and busy office. On the other hand, a batch brewer like the ones often found in offices in Nordic countries like Sweden (where the fika coffee break is an essential part of the work day) can create 10-12 large cups of coffee at a time. The coffee will stay hot for half an hour as well in the coffee jug, making this one of the best options for a large office space.

Hario V60 brewing method

Hario V60 dripper

Decide On The Coffee Quality

This aspect is closely connected to cost. What is it more important for you: price or quality? Sure, coffee pods are great and convenient, but freshly ground coffee will always smell and taste better (fresh coffee might even be good for you!). Even a French press can cope with pre-ground beans or ones that you grind just before use.

If you want to go for gold, consider a high-end espresso machine. The drinks will be barista quality, and there may be a built-in steam arm or milk frother. Bean to cup machines (i.e. with in-built grinder) are a great choice for people wanting to drink the very best coffee.

Colonna Coffee pods for Nespresso machine

Nespresso machine with coffee pod

Think About Time

The higher the quality drink, the longer it may take to make – and that’s time your employees could be working instead. If this is an issue, you could consider getting a programmable coffee maker. Before you buy, look at such things as the size of the water tank. Discover whether it can steam the milk at the same time that it brews the coffee.

One-touch automatic machines are a good choice when time is a premium. From the staff angle, they will be happy to access their drink quickly. That’s also good news if there is ever likely to be a queue for a machine, especially if it can’t produce several drinks at a time. Unfortunately, the quality of the drink with automatic machines isn’t up to standards of the manual barista machines.

Consider The Maintenance Aspect

A French press may be perfect for saving money, but it will need washing up regularly. Pod machines provide tasty coffee quickly and the machines can often fit anywhere. Some of them have a regular cleaning routine that doesn’t take much time to complete. Filter coffee makers are good in this regard, too. The filter papers are sometimes reusable, and they actually help keep the drinks warm. They are also designed to be mess-free and non-drip.

Origami dripper for pour over coffee

Origami dripper for pour-over coffee

If a quality drink is your choice you may end up with a coffee grinder and espresso machine. Needless to say, this will take longer to clean.

Decide On The Cost

A cafetiere will be very inexpensive and a filter machine can provide good value for money. If you have a generous drinks budget, opt for a mid to high-range grinder and espresso machine. A one-touch super automatic would be another quality choice. Finally, evaluate your budget to see what type of coffee beans you can afford. Coffee roasters are always looking for business to supply beans to and are willing to offer you great deals as well as barista training (and sometimes, a free espresso machine too!). Alternatively, you may want to consider a coffee subscription.

Cappuccino with latte art at The London Coffee Festival

If you make the right decision for your business, everyone will benefit from it. Coffee breaks will become a pleasant experience where people relax and recharge, ready to invest once more into your company.

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[…] 6 useful tips to choose the perfect coffee maker – Mondomulia […]


[…] 6 useful tips to choose the perfect coffee maker | Mondomulia […]


[…] 6 useful tips to choose the perfect coffee maker | Mondomulia […]


[…] 6 useful tips to choose the perfect coffee maker | Mondomulia […]


[…] 6 useful tips to choose the perfect coffee maker | Mondomulia […]

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