Melbourne: Australia’s multicultural destination


Melbourne is definitely exceptional. The city of immigrants, modern skyscrapers, and the historic tram in the city centre are some of the few things that make it stand out from the rest. This city is aristocratic and hospitable, and it can easily make you love it. Melbourne is a top destination in Australia for many, especially for a multicultural and alternative type of people. It is also the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney.


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What to visit in Melbourne

Here’s a list to the top things to see in Melbourne in one day. If you have more time (and I really recommend you plan a longer stay in this vibrant city!) definitely book a day trip to see the Great Ocean Road with the famous Twelve Apostles. Another day trip activity from Melbourne that I highly recommend is the sunrise Hot Balloon flight in Yarra Valley, followed by vineyard tour and wine tasting.

Yarra valley vineyard and wine tasting, Melbourne Victoria Australia

1. Eureka Tower

Eureka Tower is one of the seven tallest buildings in the world. In fact, it was designed by Nontas Katsalidis, a well-known architect with very notable works all over the world.

2. Federation Square

Federation Square is one of Melbourne’s most visited squares, and rightly so. Federation Square is one of the most impressive squares you will see. With a complex of open and closed public spaces, it can be characterized as one of the most exciting corners of the city.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens are located on the south bank of the River Jarra. It is a large area of ​​green with plants, swans and lakes. The place is suitable for walks, picnics and relaxation. Melbourne Gardens were created in 1845 and are considered one of the most important of their kind in the world. They also have more than 10,000 different species of trees and plants.

4. Graffiti Street

Melbourne is famous for its graffiti. In fact, there is a specific neighbourhood that is full of street art. It is fascinating to take a walk and see what the young people of Melbourne think and how they express it.

5. St. Kilda Pier

To spot the cute penguins, you must head to St. Kilda Pier. If you ask, the people in charge will tell you that there is no way you can see penguins there because they do not show up due to the climate. But these are blatantly false. They do it only to maintain the excursions that go to the opposite island, and the people necessarily pay money to see them. They also do not want to know that there are penguins in St. Kilda Pier. Whatever the locals tell you, please do not listen to them. Walk along the pier and go to the end of it at sunset. There you will see many sweet penguins popping up. Of course, you should respect their “privacy” and not disturb them. Just enjoy freely.

6. Great Ocean Road

One of the most famous road trips in the world is of course what you have to do on the Great Ocean Road, starting from Melbourne. The route of a total of 243 kilometres will captivate you with the culmination, of course, the 12 Apostles. You will probably need to rent a car to experience this.

Car hire in Australia is quite economical if you trust a company like Enjoy Travel, which provides you with a vast variety of cars combined with the most economical offers you can find. There may be only 8 left to date, but they are just as impressive. Along the way, you will enjoy the Pacific Ocean and surfers trying to tame the waves. Also, in the area you can do activities such as cycling, water sports, horseback riding and a helicopter flight over the 12 Apostles.

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