6 Fun Activities To Keep Your Family Entertained On Vacation


Vacations are usually there to spend some quality time with the people dear to you. And although every family holiday on its own is an amazing and refreshing experience, more often than not, there is always room for fun activities to spice it up a bit. If you don’t have the slightest idea what we are talking about, read on as we’ll display six fun things you can do while on vacation to make it even more memorable.

Safari on the desert dunes in Dubai, UAE

Make your own movie

Thanks to smartphones that offer really high-quality cameras and video editing tools, it’s never been easier to use your creativity and create your own movie. Write the script, build the props, learn your lines, and then let the shooting begin.

Get even more creative with randomly selected genres. Will you be making a sci-fi classic, a delightful western, a classic comedy, or an award-winning drama? With an amazing setting, you can create truly remarkable things, and the best part is, even if the movie doesn’t get an Oscar this year, you’ll have a recorded memory to last you a lifetime. Also, don’t worry, locals are usually used to tourists rolling around their homes and doing funny stuff, so you’ll be safe while filming with friends.

Taking photos with a smartphone of a red Fiat 500 car in Monti, Rome, Italy

Explore the surrounding nature

One fun activity often neglected while on vacation is going for long walks or hikes in the forests and surrounding mountains. And if you happen to be at a more exotic destination, you can still explore the local natural habitats and even ask for a guide to show you the extraordinary flora and fauna of the area. If this isn’t exciting enough, how about you do a little shoot-out? A popular activity is gel balling, as the extraordinary adrenaline pump makes you feel alive more than ever. Of course, you’ll need reliable gel blaster parts for your gear and some protection. This activity, however, must be planned in advance with friends. Choose a popular location with lots of natural cover and a wide area for shooting and obstacles. Divide yourselves into several teams, or two, and you can even make it a competition with the winner taking home a trophy you made. There is nothing like some Call of Duty action in nature with friends.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada

Photo by Bruno Soares

Try a treasure hunt

A great way to see the area in a new light. Think of a theme for your treasure hunt and create a puzzle based on the objects or buildings in the surroundings. The first clue leads to the next and, finally, to the discovery of the grand prize.

Treasure hunting is more about the fun of discovery, so the prize at the end could be an idea for the next activity. Once you’ve successfully completed the quest for the given task, let someone else generate the idea for the next one. Make it even more fun by including places you must visit by bus, bike, or local transport. Also, what better way to explore the surrounding area?

Explore the local history

Visiting museums and local attractions can be fun activities to do with friends. Make it a little tour for more excitement, a day trip if you prefer. Organize the whole thing and start in the early morning with planned coffee and lunch breaks. This tour can be educational and exciting as you’ll work within the framework of a tight schedule. You’ll have a chance to introduce yourself to the local history and learn more about the extraordinary statues and monuments. And you’ll have the chance to learn more about the community and mingle among them.

The Spanish Steps and Barcaccia Fountain in Rome, Italy

Explore the local cuisine

Every destination offers unique dishes made from recipes passed down through generations and using locally grown ingredients. Local cuisines are often trademarks of the area; they are a blend of natural ingredients and often involve a certain history. Maybe the dish was created during times of poverty or for a special historic event, or maybe it was eaten because a certain produce was available in abundance. Whatever the case, touring restaurants or even street food puts you in touch with a unique and intimate side of the area.

Street food tour in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Board games, of course!

Well, board games are a favorite among activities you can do anywhere. Bring a few fun board games with you. You can play them while waiting for a bus, on a plane, or maybe in your hotel room when there is no wifi connection. If you happen to be at an exotic destination, try bringing the games with you to the beach. Make a little fire, put on some music, and enjoy it with friends.

Of course, the options are endless and really come down to your creativity and how well you planned the whole vacation beforehand. It’s up to you. Enjoy!

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