Finding Love When You Have A Busy Life


Despite what movies would have you believe, finding love doesn’t always happen in an instant, when you least expect it. A busy life that is taken up by your career, family and other commitments can mean that dating takes a back seat. By creatively using your time and tweaking your priorities, you can find time in your busy life to look for love.

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Try Different Dating Methods

Technology and the internet now means that there are so many ways out their to meet and talk to people. Online dating, speed dating, chat lines or interest based events are all popular ways for people to safely get to know each other.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, then look at what your priorities are and choose a platform that is closely matched to your preferences. There are dating sites and lines based around occupations, hobbies, culture and religion. You can choose black chat numbers or an app based based system.

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Change Your Schedule

If you’re serious about dating, then you are going to have to devote time to it. Having a full schedule might mean that you end up feeling pulled in different directions.

Look at your schedule and see if there are any activities you can cut from it that would give you some extra time. Ways to do this could include finding ways to free up time at home by automating your shopping, meal prepping or hiring a cleaner. If childcare is an issue, find a trustworthy babysitter that you can use.

Try New Things

You shouldn’t give up the things that you love just to meet or make other people happy. But you can combine the two. Why not find activities that you can do to meet new people. Not everything you do has to be a specific dating activity. Many people meet their partners while doing other things. So be aware of people around you when you’re doing doing other things. Just be careful not to try and turn everything you do into a quest to find a date, you could make people feel uncomfortable.

Date Someone Who Understands Your Life

If you have a demanding job, or family commitments, then it’s very important that whoever you date understands this, or it’s going to cause tension. Be honest from the outset with the other person. Though if the relationship get serious, then you will need to be able to balance your life with showing them how important they are to you. No matter how much you like someone, if they are the type of person who needs constant attention, then it’s unlikely to work out.

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Don’t let your busy life stop you from dating or finding love. Though it isn’t easy, you’re going to have to change things around in order to prioritise this area of your life. It’s both a practical and mental change that could feel tricky at first, but will be worth it.

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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