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  • Almond Cake with Blueberry Jam

    Almond Cake with Blueberry Jam

    Lately I have been thinking about baking more often, just to have that time for myself where I am completely focusing on a task (that doesn’t involve looking at a screen). And while I…

  • Linzer Torte: traditional Austrian jam tart from Linz

    Linzer Torte for Valentines Day

    It’s the time of the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend this special day with your loved ones. Why not try a traditional Austrian recipe for Linzer Torte, a delicious almond tart with…

  • Zuccotto: Italian Panettone and Ricotta Cake | Mondomulia

    Zuccotto: Italian Panettone and Ricotta Cake

    It’s January, so you probably have a panettone or two left over from the holidays. Or you have bought one after Christmas because it was discounted at the supermarket. What? You don’t have a…

  • Recipes

    Vanilla Sponge Cake with Chocolate Icing

    I hadn’t planned to make this cake for Christmas, let alone share it on my blog. It’s the simplest cake you can think of: vanilla sponge layers with chocolate icing. But I had a…