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    Lomography and my Indian Holidays

    Have you ever heard of Lomography? It’s a photographic movement that advocates a creative and experimental type of photography using film cameras. It has a website and several stores around the world, where you…

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    My Indian Holidays

    My trips to Mumbai at the end of autumn have now become a regular occurrence in my calendar. Every year, me and my husband Sandy travel to India to visit his family for about…

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    Welcome Spring with Holi

    Holi is a Hindu festival that takes places around February/March to welcome the spring. It is also known as Festival of Colours as the day is celebrated by people throwing coloured and scented powder…

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    Eating in Mumbai

    Last month I visited India for the second time in my life. My fiancé is originally from Mumbai, so we try to go once a year to visit the family. This year it was a…