Lomography and my Indian Holidays


Have you ever heard of Lomography? It’s a photographic movement that advocates a creative and experimental type of photography using film cameras. It has a website and several stores around the world, where you can purchase cameras, films, accessories as well as develop film. Lomography recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, prompting Stephen Dowling to reflect, in this BBC News article, on how Lomography saved film photography from decline, after the boom of digital cameras.


In 1991, a group of Austrian art students on a trip to nearby Prague found, in a photographic shop, a curious little camera. […] The little camera was the Lomo LC-A – Lomo Kompact Automat, built in Soviet-era Leningrad by Leningrad Optics and Mechanics Association (Lomo) – and very soon a craze was born. [Stephen Dowling]

Twenty years later and the Lomography community is stronger than ever. The features of Lomo photos are high-contrast and saturated images, strong vignetting (ie. dark corners), double exposure and so on. They are vibrant and grainy shots, that can make any subject special.

I shot with an LC-A using cross-processing – these images can look unique which made my photographs stand out from the crowd. [Kevin Meredith]

I own a Diana F+ and Lomo “La Sardina” but, so far, I have struggled to achieve good results. Whilst the cameras are easy to use (also known as “toy cameras”), it is not easy to choose the right film, one that works for different weather conditions and light (eg. London’s gloom versus Mumbai’s harsh sun). It is also hard to expose the photos correctly.

I will hopefully learn from my mistakes, though it is an expensive hobby to have, with prices of about £14 for 3 rolls and £8 to develop each one.

I love my La Sardina camera, because it’s easy to use and it has a wide-angle lens, so I can take really nice group pictures and landscapes. Well, that is if I managed to get on-focus shots. Which I don’t, yet. :)

This is a selection of my favourite Lomo photos from my recent India trip: Mumbai, Goa and Gujarat. Because India is generally too crowded, hot, dangerous to carry my D-SLR camera, having a cheap and light camera to carry around was the ideal solution!

If you have a passion for photography and want to get into the analog world, Lomography is great and affordable way to start!

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