Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I hope you all celebrated the arrival of the new year with the people you love and doing whatever makes you happy. In my case, that was having dinner with my husband in our new home, then baking chocolate brownies with my new Kenwood Chef mixer (thanks Sandy for the gift!) and watching fireworks from the window.

2012 was such a crazy year, so it was only fitting to end it quietly and start 2013 in a relaxed mood!

It's been such a fantastic and lucky year, I have so much to be grateful for.

First and foremost: my family and my friends. It was great to have their support and also to see so many of them at my wedding(s)! :)

And of course I want to thank you all for following Mondomulia these past 12 months.

I have a tradition of making calendars for my family every Christmas. This year I decided to extend my gift to all of you.

Happy New Year

I have made a 2013 calendar with my best food photos from the past year. The photos are a selection of my Foodgawker gallery, chosen by YOU via Facebook and Google+.

I used my basic kowledge of Photoshop to create the layout, so forgive me if the result is a bit amatuerish. I printed the PDF file on A4 paper, cut around the keyline, punched a hole on the top and hung it on my shiny new wall! :)

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Every photo relates to blog post: January for Speculoos Tiramisu, February for Flat White at Colonna & Smalls, March for New York Cheesecake, April for Peanut Butter Muffins, May for Wimbledon Cake and June for Fruit Tart.

Happy New YearHappy New Year
Happy New YearHappy New Year
Happy New YearHappy New Year

July for Blueberry Porridge Smoothie, August for Coffee Cake Pops, September for Pistachio Cookies, October for pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate frosting, November for Banana Bread and December for Gingerbread Cookies.

Happy New YearHappy New Year
Happy New YearHappy New Year
Happy New YearHappy New Year

I have created a 14-pager PDF file, which you can download for free here. Please do not steal my photos and use them online. Thank you and Happy New Year! :)

All Copyright Reserved by Mondomulia.

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02/01/2013 11:31

Thanks a lot Kate and happy new year! :)

02/01/2013 11:23

This is such a lovely idea!

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