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  • Recipes

    Spaghetti with Rocket and Walnut Pesto

    Not many dishes have the power to bring back memories of home as a bowl of pasta Barilla, a brand that is one of the symbol of the Italian cuisine across the world. I grew up eating this pasta…

    13th June 2016
  • Travel

    Mele e Pere in Soho, London

    I walked past Mele e Pere a few times over the years; I stopped to look at the menu, peeked through the window and admired the colourful glass apples and pears on display. I…

    20th August 2015
  • Travel

    Pastificio Burro e Salvia

    Burro e Salvia in Shoreditch is the first artisan pastificio in London, a shop where you can either buy freshly made pasta to cook at home or sit down for a lovely Italian lunch.…

    19th August 2013
  • Restaurants

    Eating in Rome: Il Porto Fluviale

    The restaurant scene in Rome has changed a lot since I left my hometown six years ago. The old traditional restaurants are always a must if you are a tourist visiting Rome for the…

    4th April 2013
  • Restaurants

    Da Bucatino – in Rome

    When I was in Rome in March, I asked my friends to recommend a good restaurant serving traditional Roman food. Despite having lived there for 25 years, I don’t know many places to eat…

    4th May 2012