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On a sunny day last September, a new ice-cream shop and café opened near Covent Garden in London, called La Gelatiera. As a launch promotion, they were giving out free ice-cream so of course I was there! I was attracted by the prospect of free food, but I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with La Gelatiera’s tasty artisan gelato.

La Gelatiera was very busy on that day, it was afterall a sunny Sunday in the West End and this cute shop was giving out free ice-cream, so what would you expect? The friendliness of Antonio and Simona and their contagious smile and good mood, standing behind the counter, offering tastings of different flavours and chatting in Italian, was over-whelming!

It was clear from the start that La Gelatiera was not like any other ice-cream shop! Some of the flavours I remember trying on that first day were black sesame and balsamic vinegar! Antonio, the ice-cream maker, is a creative man in love with his job who works till the early hours in the kitchen below the shop (which you can see through a glass on the floor), experimenting with natural ingredients and developing new flavours!

I usually go for the classics, like chocolate, amaretti, hazelnut or pistachio, but I’ve never been left disappointed by the more original flavours, such as Chocolate and Chilli Sorbet, Biscotti, Blue Chese, Saffron, Apple Crumble, Persian.

Last week I was back at La Gelatiera with Sela of Chocolate Walks, Mehrunnisa of Comeconella and Katy of Feel Good Food Book. Stephane – co-owner of La Gelatiera and the man behind their Twitter account – invited us over for a tasting session and we literally took over the shop, trying all ice-cream flavours as well as some of the cakes and desserts.

The tasting offered some really sweet discoveries, truffle and dolce amore scoring top positions of my “best chocolate desserts I have ever eaten in London” list! :) Dolce amore is a chocolate and almond mousse with anise-flavored liqueur Sassolino, while the truffle is a creamy chocolate ice-cream ball covered in cocoa powder, with a heart of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup. (Look at this macro shot of the truffle taken by Sela!)

Personally, I could eat ice-cream any day of the year, but if you are one of those people who limit ice-cream consumption to the warm season, then do not worry! You can still visit La Gelatiera for their thick hot chocolate, homemade cakes and Slow Food arabica coffee.

For more *beautiful* photos of La Gelatiera, please visit Charlotte Hu blog, and for a detailed review of their gelato, go to Comeconella blog.

La Gelatiera also organizes food workshops: read about the Panettone masterclass on Pie for Brains blog or see the photos of the Sicilian Brioche breakfast class.

And now, a special treat for the loyal readers who made it through to the end of the post: the official video of La Gelatiera’s opening day, where you can see me eating gelato, making faces and being extremely unnatural in front of the camera! ;)

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Chocolate Walks (@chocolatewalks)

beautiful photos and i didn’t know they do classes.

Maria Cristina
Maria Cristina
17/02/2012 17:10

Wonderful pictures, lively description, nice video performance! Add it to the list of our “places where to go together” list!

17/02/2012 17:37
Reply to  Maria Cristina

That’s one place I have already decided to take you to! You will love it! :)

16/02/2012 22:21

As always, beautiful photos. I love gelato and hearing about all the different flavours via the video, as well as the ones you mentioned in this post, is so cool. So inventive – sweet potato?! Very cool. I do love your coffee machine photos!

16/02/2012 13:12

I am so jealous of this trip – it sounds absolutely amazing! Your photos are incredible and there’s so much ice cream inspiration…I’ve never been to La Gelateria but might have to persuade my boyfriend that a trip is due this weekend… :-)

16/02/2012 13:24
Reply to  thelittleloaf

To be honest I ended up with more photos of the pretty window and the cakes than the ice-cream itself! ;) You must try it, it’s so central and easy to find!

16/02/2012 12:19

Nice – so jealous! but went last sunday and tried their Nocciola which was fantastic!

16/02/2012 12:28
Reply to  Fede

Hazelnut is probably my favourite flavour!! :) Though the Chocolate Sorbet (the version without chilli) is also very good!

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