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Ever dreamed of eating a Sunday roast of fresh Cornish meat cooked in a stunning location by London’s top chefs? That’s what the Cornish Grill Sunday Roast at Redhook is about!

The Cornish Grill is a pop-up restaurant founded by Matthew Chatfield, a native Cornish from a family of farmers, who supplies fresh meat and fish daily to Michelin restaurants in London. The first pop-up grill events were started last summer as a way to make the Cornish produce accessible to more people and they were hosted at the Manor Arms pub in Clapham. Online reviews say it was a very informal but delicious affair!

It has since “upgraded” to the elegant Redhook restaurant in Farringdon and it showcases rotating guest chefs from the Michelin starred restaurants that Matt is a supplier for. With a 5-course menu changing every time, fresh quality ingredients and the best chefs, it’s not hard to see why Cornish Grill is a huge success!

I attended the Sunday roast on 26th of February, which was prepared by chef Carl Clarke of The English Laundrette and seafood pop-up Rock Lobsta. At arrival we were greeted with a glass of Ruby Red Royale (an aperitif of vodka, grapefruit juice and elderflower) and unlimited access to the Grey Goose Bloody Mary buffet.

I booked tickets with a friend for a late seating at 14:00; worried I might not be able to eat everything, I skipped breakfast and arrived hungry. The restaurant was busy and many people were standing at the bar waiting for their table. I was happy to wait at the bar, drinking Bloody Mary, taking pictures and chatting to a few Twitter friends. Only around 14:45 we sat down at our table, not knowing that the wait for the food was going to be much longer…

We nibbled on a basket of Sunday Pub Snacks, which was filled with Billy Franks extra-special jerky, from 40 day dry-aged Cornish Galloway beef, Smoked Treacle Bread, Cornish salt, whipped butter.

After a long time, we received the starter: Smoked Looe Scallops with fresh curds, broad bean shoots, crispy onions, lime and lavender vinegar. Alas, I don’t eat shell-fish and, although I made an exception and tasted the scallops out of pure curiosity, I left most of my portion to my friend. By then, I was properly starving and chasing the poor waitress for our roast!

The main course arrived around 16:00 and I almost literally threw myself onto the plate, stopping myself only a few seconds to take the photos! It consisted of Wild Fallow Deer with rosehip jam, rape and ramsons, shin and raspberry stout pudding; Yorkshire Pudding Roasters in Pitt Cue pork fat and roots with East London honey.

Everything was absolutely delicious, from the tender venison meat to the incredibly tasty potatoes and the sweet roasted carrots and parnsips.

For the dessert, like everything else on the menu, Carl used ingredients from Cornwall. The Sea Buckthorn Posset, a creamy pudding of jelly, sorbet and chocolate crumbs, is made with sea-buckthorn berries that grow on the Cornish coasts.

Overall it was a great meal and I really loved the location and the convivial atmosphere, unfortunately the delays did kill my enthusiasm slightly as by the time I received the roast I was so hungry that I gulped it down rather than savoured it! Previous events of the Cornish Grill have not been so busy, I was told, so I am sure the long wait at our event was only a hiccup that will be resolved next time.

The next Cornish Grill will be on Sunday 1st April. For more information, follow @Redhooklondon and @Cornishgrill on Twitter.

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