A ‘Tea Saturday’ Pop Up in London with Nigella Lawson


If you have followed my blog for sometime, you would know that I am a big fan of Young and Foodish pop-up events, having been to (and blogged about) quite a few already. Last Saturday, I attended Tea Saturday with Nigella Lawson and as usual I had a great time! I have been waiting for Daniel to organize a “Coffee Saturday” for quite some time, in the end I had to settle for Tea Saturday instead! ;) And of course, there was a special guest chef, the one and only Nigella.

Nigella recently launched a new book, Nigellissima, a copy of which was included in the event goodie bag. I didn’t even know I would get a copy (I have the bad habit of buying tickets to events without even checking what they include!), so I was pleasantly surprised! I also got the chance to meet Nigella and get my book signed!

The book contains stunning photography by Petrina Tinslay and Italian-inspired recipes. They all seem simple, quick and unpretentious recipes for Italian food with an Anglo-twist. I will try some and let you know how they work out! :)

The location of Tea Saturday was announced only the day before the event: Andrew’s Cafe in Chancery Lane, where I attended Burger Monday with Disco Bistro in April. The café windows were covered up with Italian flags, to hide the TV star from the paparazzi!

We started with a glass of Prosecco (served to our table by Nigella herself), followed by tea and Illy coffee. The food was a selection of savoury bites and party-sized cakes. All the recipes were taken from Nigellissima book and I’m sure many of Saturday’s guests will try them for their Christmas parties!

Parmesan Shortbreads and Panettone Stuffing Squares.

Cappuccino Pavlova, Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake and Italian Christmas Pudding Cakes.

I liked everything, though as usual my preferences went for the sweet stuff! The chocolate cheesecake was my favourite (I had two…shhhhhh!), though the Italian Christmas Pudding Cakes really made an impression on me! What looked like a scone, was instead a soft panettone sandwich filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. Therefore, I have renamed them Mini Panettone Cassata! :) Now that’s an idea I will copy this Christmas!!

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21/11/2012 17:55

I’m with you on the sweet stuff :-) Gorgeous pictures, as ever :-)

21/11/2012 15:11

Pretty cool – I have to say :D

Tin Roof Press
21/11/2012 14:17

Oh wow Neat!

Nigellissima is a great show, but totally hilarious. She’s like a giant caricature of herself now. She referred to chill flakes, in one episode, as i recall “as orange coloured confetti.” I’m seriously considering writing down her nigella-isms.

21/11/2012 14:20
Reply to  Tin Roof Press

Well, I wouldn’t know about that, since I have never watched a Nigella show! In fact, I have never watched any British TV cookery show….but it was fun to meet her and get to see the celebrity craze with some of the other guests!

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