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Coffee Cocktails Photoshoot for Caffeine Magazine


Hello! Just a quick post today to share some photos I took at Protein coffee shop in London last month. I was asked to photograph coffee cocktails for a feature in the summer 2013 issue of Caffeine Magazine.

 caffeinecaffeine magazine giulia mule
caffeine 3

We gathered at Protein where Rob (DunneFrankowski), Tom from Ruby’s, Danny from Tina, We Salute You and Chloe Callow prepared these beautiful drinks.

These are some of my favourite photos from the photoshoot.
coffee old fashionedMaking coffee cocktails - Caffeine Magazinecoffee-cocktails-protein-london-65
I was so excited to pick up a copy of issue 4 this week! I hope you loved these photos as much as I did! :)

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