Tips on choosing the right gadgets to embellish your kitchen space


My kitchen is my favourite space in my home. It’s an open space shared with the dining and living room, which means my kitchen is the place I spend the most time in. Thus, making it attractive as well as functional, with sufficient storage and efficient appliances, is very important to me. Here are my tips on choosing the right gadgets to embellish your kitchen space.

Modern kitchen space

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

How to choose the perfect appliances for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home and embellishing it gives life to your entire space. How you design and furnish your kitchen is a reflection of your personality and cultural background. Just take a look at kitchen designs from around the world and you will see how many different ways there are to embellish your own kitchen space.

If you aren’t completely happy with your kitchen, picking the right appliances and accessories could make all the difference. Here are a few tips to ensure that you end up picking the best gadgets for your kitchen.

White kitchen design with red Le Creuset casserole pans

Image by Becca Tapert for Unsplash

Create a Budget

Even though you may want the best gadgets for your kitchen, you should be careful not to go beyond your budget. Determine the amount you are willing to spend on your kitchen and stick to it. However, it is okay to be flexible. Be willing to spend a little extra on gadgets that are worth the prize. You could also consider fixing up your existing appliances, using simpson washing machine parts, for example, to make them look, and work, as good as new without breaking the bank

If, for example, you need a mixer but your budget is tight, a handheld mixer would be a better choice than a large countertop mixer. Before resorting to expensive gadgets that are beyond your budget, find cheaper alternatives.

Consider the Purpose

Take time to understand the uses of different gadgets before buying them. One of the most common reasons for damaging gadgets is misuse. It would be foolish to buy something if you don’t know how to use it.

Note that some gadgets are expensive and their maintenance may be costly as well. Misuse can lower their lifespan significantly. With vacuums, for example, you need to understand the functioning of the option you pick. Different vacuum cleaners are appropriate for different floor types. If you are only experimenting, it would be wise to refer to the user manual and experiment first

My kitchen in Clapham, London - Mondomulia

Do your Research

Do some research to find the best gadgets for your needs. It is impossible to identify your best options without looking around. Find out the best brands, kitchen gadget uses, and prices. You should be able to compare the options in the market before making a decision. Research will help you avoid common mistakes and identify great deals.

Quality is Everything

When buying your kitchen gadgets, nothing is more important than quality. Most gadgets are made with aluminum, Teflon, wood, or plastic. When shopping for your kitchen, choose strong and durable materials. Good looks are not enough. If, for example, you need to choose between aluminum and steel utensils, steel would be a better choice. It is stronger, easier to clean, and more reliable. Usually, the quality of a gadget can be determined through its price and warranty. The more you spend, the less you spend…so they say and it is true!

Sage appliances Bambino Plus espresso machine - Mondomulia

In my kitchen, I use a top of the range Bambino Plus espresso machine by Sage Appliances

What’s you size?

The size of your kitchen determines the type of gadgets you can buy. Be realistic and take measurements before you go out shopping. Do not buy more items than can fit into your space or those that are too big for your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, limit the number of gadgets you add or your space may be too crowded. If you can’t keep your kitchen in order, it will be unappealing and the quality of your cooking may be affected.

Minimalist Kitchen: white tiles, marble counter, wooden furniture and stools. Copyright @creatveight

Image Creatveight for Unsplash

In conclusion, gadgets are the foundation of a good kitchen, and they need to be picked wisely. The tips discussed above will ensure that you are smart and deliberate about the kitchen gadgets you buy. Determine what you need, the size of your kitchen, and your budget limits before you go shopping. With some luck, you can create a beautiful kitchen without spending too much.

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