A selection of the top vegetarian restaurants in London


English food is known for its meat and seafood dishes: fish & chips, bangers & mash, shepherd’s pie, Sunday roast, full English breakfast, and so on. But as someone who has lived in London for 14 years, rarely eats meat and is married to a vegetarian, I can say that I never struggled to find delicious meat free dishes when eating out in restaurants. In fact, some of the best vegetarian meals I ever had where in the UK. Here’s a selection of the top vegetarian restaurants in London.

Indian food at Gunpowder restaurant in Spitalfields, London

Indian food at Gunpowder in London

In the past decade, London has solidified its place as one of the top culinary destinations in the world. From Lobster Brunch at Kym’s to a truly unforgettable dinner at the Chiltern Firehouse, the options in the Britain’s capital city are extensive. Veggies and vegans are well catered for too. There has been a real shift towards plant-based meals and high quality seasonal vegetables to be the star of the meal. Vegetarian restaurants continue to pop up all over the city.

For a while, vegetarians barely got a look-in on the restaurant scene in huge cities like London. Now, though, the offering in this space is mightily impressive, with restaurants serving up a huge selection of delicious meat-free dishes. Vegetarian cuisine has certainly evolved over the years. Not everyone is in favour of it, though, much like Gordon Ramsay, who has shown a strong hatred to non-meat lovers. The famous chef, who is featured in the popular Hell’s Kitchen’s slot game which bears his name, is in the minority, though. Even restaurants usually associated with serving up meat feasts are now introducing vegetarian options to their diners. As such, London’s vegetarian restaurant scene is booming.

Knowing exactly where to find some of the capital’s top meat-free establishments can be tricky, though, especially as it’s such a large place! To give you some ideas ahead of your next visit to London, here is a look at some of the vegetarian restaurants gathering real momentum at the moment.

Kym's restaurant at Bloomberg Arcade in London, England


Located in Soho, Camden Town, Kings Cross, and Dalston, Mildreds has been delighting its vegetarian customers since as early as the eighties. Popular dishes include mock chicken tandoori slathered in a gorgeous tikka marinade, plus its beetroot and white bean burger which is one of its most popular dishes. With a detailed menu full of veggie treats, Mildreds has something for everyone.

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned

Providing Londoners with a taste of Californian life, Malibu Kitchen at The Ned has a strong focus on enabling its customers to experience a unique and nutritious food adventure. Growing in terms of its reputation in the City of London, Malibu Kitchen at The Ned has a vast menu full of gorgeous dishes. The restaurant itself is a welcoming and cosy place, too.

The Ned Members Club and Hotel is part of Soho House in Bank, London

The Ned at Soho House in London

Vanilla Black

Offering a highly innovative and exciting take on vegetarian grub, Vanilla Black is a restaurant that prides itself on serving up unique vegetarian dishes all put together by a team of talented and passionate chefs. Located in Holborn, the restaurant specialises in high-end veggie food with popular creations such as their celeriac profiteroles with dill and raisins well worth tucking into.


A South Indian vegetarian restaurant that tops many a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in London, Sagar is a truly amazing place to experience for vegetarian diners. Offering flavourful food from the region, the restaurant’s offering of curries, fluffy rice, home-baked breads and delicious dosa will leave you wanting more and more. Sagar is truly excellent, especially if you enjoy Indian food.

Motu Indian Kitchen London

Many traditional dishes from the Indian cuisine suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The Vurger Co

A more casual environment compared to the other restaurants featured so far, The Vurger Co cooks up some of the best plant-based grub in the country. Also vegan-friendly, the Shoreditch based restaurant’s menu is a burger-lovers dream. Patties are made from ingredients such as aubergine, chickpeas and onion, while its take on fried chicken is out of this world.


Okay. We are cheating a little bit here as Chakra, which has establishments in Kensington, Kingston and Barnes, is not 100% vegetarian. However, its vegan options are so sublime that it merits inclusion. Chakra’s contemporary take on Indian classics offer unique delights for the tastebuds, including a black truffle kulcha that is out of this world.

Other options for an amazing vegetarian meal in the British capital The Gate, Smoke & Salt, Bubala and Rovi. You can also find more ideas on where to eat or order takeaway from in this guide to London’s best restaurants.

Vegetarian feast at Bubala in East London

A vegetarian feast at Bubala

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