Amazing Places That You Need to Visit When in Texas


As America’s second-largest state, Texas offers diverse landscapes that would easily entice outdoor enthusiasts to visit. From breathtaking canyons to beautiful forests and rivers, there’s a lot to indulge in once you get to the Lone Star State. If you’re more into culture and history, there are many sites to satisfy your curiosity and deepen your knowledge. Let’s look at some amazing places that you’ll regret skipping when you visit Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Sitting on the border of Texas and Mexico, Big Bend National Park is a must-see. Its awe-inspiring features have been carved by the RIver Grande and leave us with impressive mountains, canyons, and rivers. Its mountains prove to be formidable challenges that rock climbers use to test their mettle while hiking the Saint Elena Canyon is a breathy exercise filled with beautiful scenery.  Visitors can tour the old ghost towns, enjoy the hot springs, and even cross over to Mexico to get some tasty food. There are more than 100 miles of paved scenic roadways weaving throughout the national park, making Big Bend an unmissable destination in the perfect US road trip!

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Photo by Matt Nelson

Space Center Houston

This one will appeal to lovers of both history and astronomy. As one of Texas’s most popular attractions, Space Center Houston sees millions of visitors each year. The complex host space shuttle replicas, rockets, and moon rocks. Each exhibit and film in its museum lends greater insight into space exploration and technological developments that supported many missions. You might even get to meet an astronaut!

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Here’s another gem tucked away in Houston. If exploring the universe isn’t really your thing and you’re more in love with the natural world, this museum is perfect for you. It boasts the largest dinosaur hall in North America and has an amazing planetarium, exclusive artifacts, and intriguing stone carvings. With so many things to see, having Houston accom will give you enough time to revel in every exhibit and event. Featuring games that include everyone, families will love the Family Energy Festival, Tricks, Treats and T-Rex, and Dino Days.

Balmorhea State Park

Swimming in a spring-fed pool is not something that everyone gets to experience. You get to do just that at Balmorhea State Park, on the San Solomon Springs in Reeves County, Texas. Reaching up to 25 feet deep, the pool is the largest of its kind in the world. Swimmers love it for its crystal clear waters while scuba divers are lured by its beautiful depths and marine life. With stable water temperatures year-round, it’s a great spot to cool off during your trip. If you need a change of scenery, the 46-acre Balmorhea park is an ideal destination.

Caddo Lake

This majestic network of wetlands and bayous is a treat to explore, especially in the fall. You can navigate the waters with your own kayak or rent a canoe from the park. With over 70 different species of fish, there’s a lot to admire and you’ll certainly have a catch that’s truly rewarding. You can choose to occupy one of the campsites with friends or take one of the park’s historic cabins that are ADA accessible.

San Antonio’s River Walk

San Antonio in the south-centre of Texas has  a rich colonial heritage, bursting with culture and booming with modern attractions. The River Walk is perfect for anyone who wants to have a nice dinner beside tranquil waters. This attraction, favored by tourists and locals alike, stretches for several miles with the river nestled between great restaurants throughout. Take the River Walk to the north and you’ll find amazing museums, while in the south you will visit the four Spanish missions that once provided shelter for frontier settlers. The Alamo in the heart of downtown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and definitely worth a visit during your next trip to Texas. Last but not least, the city’s well-established Tex-Mex culinary style is known all over the world.

San Antonio Texas US

Photo by Fabio Lima from Pexels

Enchanted Rock

If you’re a fan of a starry night sky, then this is the place to be. As Texas’ only IDA-recognized Dark Sky Park, the light pollution is so low that you can get an incredible view of the night sky as it comes alive with beautiful stars. The Enchanted Rock itself, a massive pink batholith, is the second-largest granite dome in the country and makes for a stunning shot against the starry sky. Fabled to be haunted and imbued with magic, this rock draws people from all over who dare to stay overnight to test if the myths are true.

Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is a 66-acre vibrant botanical garden in the heart of the city. Stepping into it is a noticeable shift from the hustle and bustle to peace and tranquility. Wander at will or to whatever flowering plant calls to, or visit top attractions that leave others in awe. Inside you’ll find fountains, aquatic plants, and even an infinity pool. It’s a great place to relax and reset as you have picnics on the lawn and bask in nature’s beauty.

Dallas, Texas, United States

Photo by Erin Hervey

Texas might not be a major tourist attraction for foreigners, but its majesty is still worth appreciating. From beautiful hikes to romantic boat rides to crystal clear waters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Most of these places are family-friendly, making them quite easy to fall in love with.

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