How The Right Outfit Can Help You Enjoy Your Fishing Trip


One of the world’s most underrated and misunderstood sports is fishing. Most people view the sport as one that’s unclean, boring, and only undertaken by old men. These misconceptions prevent a lot of people from taking up the sport themselves.

Fishing at sunset in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada

Photo by James Wheeler

Fishing is not only extremely fun, but it’s also a fantastic way of getting outdoors and enjoying nature. If you are interested in taking up fishing for the first time, then you need to make sure that you’re properly clothed. This post will tell you how you can enjoy your first (or next) fishing trip.

Waterproof Clothing

Most fishermen stay completely dry when they go fishing because they aren’t directly exposed to water. Fishing can be done from the bank, without ever getting wet. However, at times fishermen do find themselves getting wet, whether because it starts raining while they are fishing, or because a fish they are returning to water has started splashing. Because of the risk of getting wet, it’s always important to wear waterproof clothing. Sometimes fishermen also drop their equipment into the lake or river that they are fishing and have to go in to retrieve it, which is even more of a reason to wear waterproof clothing. Wearing waterproof clothing will protect you from getting wet, which can ruin your fishing trip. After all, who wants to sit beside a river fishing when they are soaked?

Proper Fishing Shoes

In addition to waterproof clothing, it’s also a good idea to invest in proper fishing shoes, which are usually waterproof too. When it comes to buying fishing shoes, it’s always best to consult experts or read guides and buy the fishing shoes they recommend, since they know what they are talking about. Waterproof fishing shoes are arguably the most important piece of equipment on this list because they will prevent you from getting your feet wet. If your feet get too wet and aren’t dried in time then you can develop nasty fungal infections, which can be hard to get rid of.

Wearing a Sunhat

When you are out fishing, you’re always at risk of getting sunburnt. A sunhat will ensure that you don’t get sunburnt. Going back to unexpected rain showers, a waterproof sun hat will also protect your head from getting wet! When you are selecting a sunhat, make sure that you select the one that’s most comfortable, but that also offers the most protection from the sun. It is a good idea to buy your sunhat from the same place that you get your clothes and shoes since you can create a consistent outfit design, and also because the reason that you will be buying shoes and clothes from one specific retailer is that you are confident in the quality of their goods.

Prick-proof Gloves

A risk that’s always present whenever you are fishing is pricking yourself with a hook. If you prick yourself with a hook that’s been infected with something like Weil’s disease (which affects more swimmers than it does fishermen, so fishing isn’t inherently dangerous because of it) then you yourself will become infected. Also, there are lots of germs and pathogens in lakes and rivers, so pricking yourself with a hook that’s been used could lead to you infecting yourself with them.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a great investment. If you aren’t familiar with them, then they are sunglasses that enable you to see beyond a body of water’s surface. You can see what fish are swimming around under the water. Polarized sunglasses will allow you to make more effective casts. A lot of fishermen don’t use these glasses mainly because they have no idea what they are, but it’s a big mistake to neglect them since they can make fishing so much easier. Polarized glasses are best on sunny days when the sun’s rays reflect off the surface of the water and make it hard to see fish.

Other Equipment

Finally, make sure that you have all of the other equipment that you need for a good fishing trip, like hooks, bait, lures, and storage containers. You should also invest in a tent and proper chairs, too. The better your fishing equipment is, the more enjoyable your experiences fishing will be. A lot of people overlook the importance of good tackle and equipment, instead spending all of their money on poor-quality things. The problem with buying poor-quality fishing equipment is that they don’t last very long, meaning you will have to buy more again in the future.

If you want to go fishing, then you need to make sure that you are prepared. Make sure that you have the right clothes, the right equipment, and most importantly of all, the right attitude. When you go fishing you shouldn’t expect to catch anything—you should go hopeful that you will but pleased to just be outdoors.

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