Brockley Market


Brockley Market in south-east London is a little market that resembles a village farmers market. It takes only 8 minutes by train from London Bridge, but as you step down at St John’s station you will feel like you are miles away from the big city! A short walk from the station and you will reach the small park where Brockley Market comes to life every Saturday morning. Looking in from the outside it will seem small, but don’t be put off: the stalls offer so much, it will take you a couple of hours to view them all!

My companions at Brockley Market were fellow food bloggers Katy of Feel Good Food Book and Selina of Yummy Choo Eats.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, still a bit cold but absolutely beautiful! We meticolously explored the market by stopping at each stall and chatting to the sellers. With so much on offer, we decided to view all the stalls before deciding what to eat! Here is an orderly account of what we saw and ate during our Brockley Market tour.

In anticipation of my visit to the market I had skipped breakfast, so once there I was eager to have a cappuccino from Dark Fluid. The queue at their stall kept getting longer and longer, but I eventually managed to get there! :)

To accompany my cappuccino, I bought a peanut butter cookie from Browns. A famous coffee shop in Brockley, here at the market Browns sells excellents cakes! I also bought a chocolate brownie to take back home, which made my fiancé very happy!

Next stop on our tour was the Blintz Boy, “purveyor of the finest blintzes in the world” as he modestly states on his Twitter profile! ;) Being my first ever blintz, I can’t judge on them being the best in the world, but I loved the cheesecake one for its sweet and sour!

Paul, aka Blintz Boy, aka the friendliest stall owner of Brockley, invited us “backstage” to try a traditional Polish dish: Zurek, a pork and lemon soup, with some rough potato mash.

I didn’t have my lunch at the market, but I bought two vegetarian pies from the Honest Carrot Kitchen, which I simply had to warm in the oven once home. I also bought fresh veggies and fruit at Perry Court Farm stall.

Katy and Selina tried the lamb wrap from Mike+Ollie and the burger from Mother Flipper and told me great things about both! Other highlights of a visit to Brockley Market include: Red Herring cassoulet, Sugargrain gluten-free goodies and Egg Boss scotch eggs, Flavours of Spain cheese and Breakfast burritos from Luardos.

Sela of the Chocolate Walks meet-up group joined us at the market just before we left, so we had the chance to introduce him to Chris, aptly renamed by us “The Chocolate Man of Brockley”! Chris prepares truffles and tarts in his own kitchen and sells them in the market twice a month. At the moment he only trades at Brockley Market and still doesn’t have a name for his chocolate business nor a Twitter account! We have urged him to fix this asap, as his chocolates definitely deserve to be known by the masses. They are really good and at a very reasonable price!

With bags full of chocolate, cake, pies, vegetables and fruit I made my way back to London (as I really felt like I was in the countryside) with my camera full of memories of a wonderful morning at Brockley Market. I will certainly be back soon!

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