A Weekend in Grado, Italy


Last week I took a few days off to fly to Trieste, in the north-east of Italy, and visit my grandma who’s not been feeling well lately. She is staying in a nursing home in Grado, a beach town spread along a narrow island backed by lagoons and connected to the mainland by a bridge.

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The picturesque port in the old town of Grado.

The picturesque port in the old town of Grado.

Our family owns a small apartment in Grado and I have spent all my summer holidays there, ever since I was little. As I grew older and moved abroad, I’ve spent less time in Grado, though I try to visit at least once a year.

It is the most relaxing place, as my daily routine in Grado consists of walking to the beach, laying in the sun, swimming, eating ice-cream, reading and sleeping.

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The gelato in Grado is the best in the world! There are more artisan ice-cream shops than anything else and I always eat at least one a day.

The town comes alive in the evenings, when mostly Italian, Austrian and German families stroll along the pedestrian avenue or the sea promenade, eating ice-cream and listening to live music bands playing.


One afternoon I interrupted my lazy routine and cycled across the bridge which links Grado to the ancient Roman city of Aquileia. The view is stunning, with the sanctuary of Barbana emerging from an island in the middle of the lagoon.

Crossing the bridge and seeing Grado appearing in front of me is a breathtaking experience that fills me with joy every time.


On Saturday evening I went out for dinner with my parents, brother, grandma, two aunts, my cousin and his wife at our favourite local restaurant, Alla Frasca, a farm in the countryside near Aquileia.

There’s something very comforting about eating the same dish in the same restaurant for more than twenty years. They serve amazing meat prepared on the open flame grill, great local wine and homemade cakes.


It was great to take my grandma out of the nursing home and spend the evening with her and my family. She’s a force of nature and the most amazing woman I know.


Aside from the long sandy beach, the beautiful lagoon, the thermal baths and great food, Grado is famous for its medieval old town, a beautifully kept maze of Venetian style calle (lanes), dominated by the Romanesque Church of Sant’Eufemia.

I wandered through these streets on Sunday morning, just before leaving for the airport, and stepped into the church for the end of the mass: the whole congregation was singing Madonnina del Mare, a local song to ask the Virgin Mary to protect the fishermen out in the sea. A beautiful and moving experience, perfect ending to my stay in Grado.

I am so grateful for these four days spent at home with my family. Being in Italy always makes me long for a simpler way of life and reminds me about the importance of family and traditions.

It makes me happy to share these photos with you and I hope you enjoyed them.

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Bibione hotel
24/12/2014 17:22

The photos are absolutely amazing. Congrats for choosing this amazing place for a vacation!

Apartments to rent adriatic coast
Apartments to rent adriatic coast
01/08/2014 12:27

I love such small towns with a preserved rustic atmosphere. Grado is gorgeous for sure.

Giulia Mulè
21/10/2013 20:48

Thank you so much Alice, your comment really means a lot to me! I love sharing photos and stories and this post about Grado is very dear to me! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading my blog! :)

21/10/2013 20:45

Your blog is so lovely. I’ve just found it and have spent almost one hour reading all your articles and admiring your pictures of coffee, food, travels and so on. Congratulations! You’re very talented and inspirational. Your blog is delightful. I wanted to react on this article because, coming from an Italian family myself I understand so much what you say about simple things, family and traditions. I am french and have always enjoyed the time I could spend with my Nonna in Trieste and Udine… Our family lives there. Grado is a special place for her because she met my Nonno there, 50 years ago. She taught me so many things and is such a loving and caring person. Italy is so special to my heart… I am currently studying in Canada and your pictures move me in a certain way. It reminds me of my roots. Reminds me of my european culture and actually, reminds me that I actually miss it a lot. Thanks a lot, I feel like I’ve been traveling in my heart for one hour.

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