My Experience at the Magnum Pleasure Store in Mayfair


Close your eyes and imagine your dream Magnum. What does it look like? Does it have a heart of vanilla or chocolate? Does it have a chocolate or peanut butter filling? Is it dotted with little coloured sprinkles? I know exactly what my dream Magnum looks like as I have decorated it myself at the new Magnum Pleasure Store.

Double dipped Magnum ice cream @ Magnum Pleasure Store, South Molton Street, London

The Magnum Pleasure Store is back in London this summer for the third year in a row. After two successful pop-ups at Selfridges and in Covent Garden, this summer Magnum is back with a new location on South Molton Street (just off Bond Street Station).

South Molton Street, Magnum Pleasure Store London

Ever since the launch in 2014, I’ve always wanted to visit the Magnum Pleasure Store and get a hand-made Magnum, but I was put off by the fear of long queues. This year Magnum has taken over a larger store space, so getting your bespoke Magnum is quicker (there were no queues when I visited at lunch time last week).

Magnum Pleasure Store, South Molton Street, London

The store will be open until the end of summer, so no more excuses. Next time you are shopping on Oxford Street and you feel like treating yourself, you know where to go for the ultimate Magnum experience.

Double dipped Magnum ice cream @ Magnum Pleasure Store, South Molton Street, LondonMagnum Pleasure Store, South Molton Street, London

If you love Magnum as much as I do, visit the Magnum Pleasure Store before the 16th of September to create your dream ice cream. Trust me, it’s worth every penny. Also it does make a pretty Instagram picture! ;)

Magnum Pleasure Store London-27

After choosing your ice cream flavour and type of chocolate for the coating, you can choose the toppings to sprinkle over the Magnum. Your creation will be finished with a drizzle of milk, dark or white chocolate sauce and a classic M coin as a seal of approval.

Magnum Pleasure Store London-16 Double dipped Magnum ice cream @ Magnum Pleasure Store, South Molton Street, London Magnum Pleasure Store London-19Magnum Pleasure Store London

If you are looking for an even more indulgent treat, follow my example and go for double-dipping: a bespoke Magnum with a chocolatey coating, a rich layer of peanut butter or chocolate sauce, a layer of chocolate on top and a selection of tempting toppings.

I created my dream Magnum with vanilla ice cream, coated with chocolate, dipped in peanut butter sauce and covered with the classic Magnum chocolate. On top: pink almonds, blackberry crunch, pistachios and meringue. A drizzle of dark chocolate sauce and a white chocolate M coin to finish.

Double dipped Magnum ice cream at Magnum Pleasure Store, London

The Magnum Pleasure Store is located on 56 South Molton Street, London W1K 5SH. Open from Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 9pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. A Single Magnum costs £4.50, a Double Magnum costs £6.50.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Magnum at the press launch. All opinions are my own.Buzzoole

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