Tips For Coffee Lovers: How To Brew The Perfect Cup


1.4 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day worldwide. Why? Is it just because coffee tastes good? Or because it gives you a good energy boost in the morning? Or because of the health benefits of drinking coffee? One things is for sure, speciality cafés have become even more popular these days, and coffee is becoming more popular than tea.

Filter coffee brewed on the Chemex at Kae Esaias in Stockholm

10 Tips to Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I would love to get my coffee (or should I say, coffees!) every day from a nice, beautiful cafés but it is not feasible and not good for everyone’s wallets. Making your own cup of coffee from the comfort of your home, though, is much more budget-friendly in the long run. I recommend signing up to a coffee subscription service from a quality roaster (better if they’re local to support your community and spend less money on shipping fee); this way, you can keep costs down and ensure quality of your beans.

How can one make that perfect cup? If you’re planning to add your own mini-coffee bar to your home, here are some tips to help you make it easier.

Wyndhams speciality coffee beans roasting, Barbados

1. Use a burr grinder

If you’re planning to make your own coffee, remember that your coffee grinder is just as important as your coffee machine. as you need different grind sizes depending on whether you are brewing espresso or filter, Italian coffee, and so on.

There are different types of grinders, but among all of those, coffee connoisseurs say that using a burr grinder is more recommendable. This kind of grinder can provide more consistency and overall uniformity of in the size of your ground coffee. Therefore it can enhance the overall quality of your coffee. The downside, though, is that it doesn’t come cheap. The good news is this site can help you score good deals. With this, you can find the best burr grinder for your coffee.

So, don’t settle for less and buy just any coffee grinder. If you want that perfect cup of coffee, only go for the best grinder in the market.

2. Get quality beans

Of course, it’s impossible to make the perfect cup of coffee without coffee beans. But don’t just buy any coffee beans you see first.

Apparently, coffee beans aren’t all created equal. Thus, only go for the fresh, whole, and high-quality ones. When choosing coffee beans to buy, look out for bags that have a recent roasting date (no less than one week, no more than one month, is a good rule of thumb). Beans that have been roasted months before have already lost their freshness and flavours. Hence, it’s impossible to get that perfect cup like what your favorite barista makes.

Workshop Coffee beans

3. Store the coffee properly

Coffee beans go bad when not stored properly. Their freshness can be easily affected by the temperature around, especially if it is too hot and humid, then the beans can go rancid very quickly.

To ensure its optimal freshness, store it in airtight container at room temperature. Keep it from direct sunlight or moisture. It’s not good to store it in the fridge either. This is because coffee beans can absorb moisture and it could affect their taste. Additionally, it’s best to keep in a tinted canister. This will protect your coffee from the light that could compromise its taste.

Some people swear by the rule of keeping coffee in the fridge; personally I don’t, but I always keep coffee beans sealed tight in a cupboard away from any direct sunlight.

Sage appliances Bambino Plus espresso machine | How to make the perfect cappuccino at home | Mondomulia

4. Don’t grind all your coffee

When expecting a busy week ahead, many people think that grinding their coffee is practical so their morning routine gets easier. But, did you know that it’s not ideal to grind coffee in advance if you want a perfect cup of coffee?

Coffee beans start losing their freshness and flavors fast once they’re grounded. So, they should be brewed immediately after they’re grounded. This way, you can enjoy its rich taste. Grinding your coffee every day may take some time, but it’s going to be worth it as you can enjoy a fresher brew.

5. Use a scale

You may find this a bit extra but using a scale can make a huge difference in making your coffee. Aside from better taste, it can also help you be more precise.

When you use a scale for your coffee, you’re more able to control how much water and coffee to use. Instead of using a spoon or trusting your gut feeling, this will help you enjoy your coffee better as your coffee and water ratio is proportionate.

Additionally, using a scale can help you save your coffee beans. Remember, you have to ground only the amount that you need so you can enjoy fresh coffee every time you drink. And with a scale, you won’t be grinding too much coffee. Therefore, no coffee beans will be put to waste.

Kiss The Hippo speciality coffee

6. Find the right brewing method for you

There are many ways to brew coffee at home: espresso machine, AeroPress, French Press, moka pot, Chemex, V60, Kalita, Origami dripper and a few more.

To prepare a cup as good as a professional barista, you need to know how to choose the right coffee brewing method for you. I use a range of devices at home. The Chemex and the Origami as the prettiest ones and I take them out if I have guests over that I want to impress. For my everyday morning routine, I use The Gabi Master coffee dripper as it’s quick and easy to use, light and portable (so I can pack it and take it with me when I travel), and most importantly it consistently brews a delicious cup of Joe!

Origami dripper for pour over coffee

7. Use quality filters

Many people aren’t that picky with their coffee filters. Usually, most shoppers would just grab whichever they see first. But, it’s actually not ideal if you’re looking to make the perfect brew just like your favorite barista does.

Just like coffee beans, filters aren’t created with the same quality. And if you pick the wrong one, they can add residue to your coffee, which could affect its taste. It can lead to either over or under extraction of your coffee. Or worse, it can add a paper taste to it. Remember to always wet the paper first with a little hot water before putting them in the brewer.

That said, be more mindful of what kind of coffee filter you use. Make sure you only use the quality ones. I like to use bleached coffee filters which are perfectly safe to use, and they don’t affect a brew’s taste.

8. Give it time

One of the reasons why you haven’t been able to perfect your coffee is because you don’t give it enough time to bloom. This usually happens, especially if you use an automatic drip coffee machine as it skips the blooming process, which weakens your brew.

To bloom our coffee, what you need to do is start pouring it at the center of your coffee bed then work your way out to its sides. Then wait for 30 seconds for your coffee to bloom and release carbon dioxide. This way, your coffee will taste better.

Hario V60 coffee brewer and Bonavita kettle

9. We like it cold

Well, not cold exactly, but definitely not scolding hot either. Ideally, you want to heat your brewing water up to around 90-94 C degrees. As it takes a few minutes to brew the coffee, by the time the drink is in your mug it will have cooled down a bit. You want to drink filter coffee almost at room temperature. This is the best way to enjoy filter coffee and really get to experience all the different tasting notes and aromas of the single origin beans or blends you are drinking.

A coffee cupping session with different brewing methods: French press, AeroPress, Chemex, Kalita, V60, moka

Photo by René Porter

10. Don’t skimp your coffee

Coffee beans don’t come for free, or for cheap either. In fact, your coffee is getting more expensive. So, it’s understandable if some people try to skimp on it using tricks to extract more cups and using less coffee. This will only result in bitter brews, though. Therefore, don’t skimp your coffee if you want it to taste like your go-to brew that your favorite barista makes.

The rule of thumb, if you are using a French Press or other pour over methods, is to use two tablespoons of coffee for 6 oz of water. But as I’ve said before, to achieve perfection you need to be precise about grams of coffee used, ounces of water and minutes of brewing time. You can find a variety of coffee recipes and brew guides here.

Coffee plant in Kopakama farm near Lake Kivu in Rwanda

A cup of good coffee can make your day great. So, take time to learn how to make it on your own. It’s worth it.

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