Travel On A Budget: How You Can Still Get The Best Out Of Your Experiences


Having a small budget doesn’t have to mean giving up on travel. There are plenty of ways you can lower your expenses (such as accommodation, food and transport) or even travel for free! Today I am sharing a few ideas on how to maximise your travel budget and get the most out of your holiday experience.

Old town of Grado, Italy

There is no getting around the fact that travel is costly. It costs money to travel, regardless of whether you do so on a large budget and stay in luxurious hotels or opt for a low cost adventure in a beat-up old caravan. Many of us are experiencing financials problems as a result of the pandemic and trying to cut costs as much as possible, especially when it comes to travel.

Old vintage car in La Havana Cuba

Does that mean that you can’t go out and experience all that the world has to offer? Does it mean you have to take shortcuts when it comes to getting the most out of your travel? No, it doesn’t. Here are three tips to get the best out of your travel experience even on a tight budget.

Make more meals yourself and eat out less

For many of us, the gastronomic experience is a significant component of the holiday or trip, and as a result, it consumes a significant portion of the budget. You may, however, continue to enjoy dining and discovering new foods and recipes when traveling while also saving money. The most obvious option is to prepare more meals at home and dine out less.

Hummus in Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, Israel

Go to the local street markets and stores and ask the people who live and work in the neighborhood what foods they recommend and how to prepare them for a delicious meal. Most are more than delighted to cooperate – in fact, it can be a real honor to show someone their dishes – and there is no more real way to experience the local food than to get involved and try your hand at it.

A display of Koulouri sesame bread rings on a street food stall in Athens

Keep an eye on your investments and work while you are away

Of course, no one really wants to be thinking about work when they are on vacation, but sometimes, especially when on a tight budget, you have to. Fortunately, many jobs allow you to check in remotely and catch up on the odd bit of work to give you additional spends. You can also keep an eye on your investments, whether that is making sure any tenants are paying rent on investment properties and how the mining Bitcoin scene is looking at the moment.

Outpost coworking space in Ubud, Bali

Take a walk or use public transport

When traveling from one location to another, it can be tempting to rely on taxis, especially if you have no idea where you are going. Getting a little lost, on the other hand, can sometimes be part of the experience! Save money by walking as often as possible – you will be astonished at how much you will notice about your surroundings when you travel by foot or take public transportation to and from your destinations. Locals are usually more than ready to send you in the proper direction or provide you with some helpful advise. You may even consider renting a bicycle and explore the surrounding area on your own.

Street in Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Don’t buy souvenirs

When we travel, we often feel compelled to bring home souvenirs, but let us face it, they are only admired for a few moments before being relegated to the back of the cupboard for the rest of our lives. Instead, spend the money on a great camera and use it to photograph everything, everyone, and everything. The memories you create will last a lifetime, rather than being replaced with a cheesy memento that no one will ever want!

Giulia Mulè Mondomulia in Venice

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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