Travelling To Tulum For Vacation? Here Are Some Helpful Tips


Are you looking for a relaxing holiday destination which also offers all year round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, incredible food spots, and plenty of things to do and see? Mexico is the place for you. Today I am sharing tips to know before travelling to Tulum.

Tulum, Mexico

Photo by Alex Azabache

Tulum is increasingly getting popular among travel enthusiasts, especially ones who need a relaxing holiday by the beach. This pretty town is located in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and is one of the most popular destinations on the Caribbean coastline. Over the years, several tiny shops, boutiques, and hotels have opened across the beach strip and in the main areas of Tulum, which have added to the place’s boho-chic vibe and culture. Whether you are alone, with your family, or with a big group of friends, Tulum will definitely not disappoint. Here are some helpful tips for you when traveling to Tulum for a vacation.

Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico

Photo by Anna Sullivan

Travel During the Off-Season

Needless to say, travelling during the off-season to any destination can save costs and help you find the best deals in the region. Typically, Tulum is crowded with tourists from February to April. Some summer months and late December should also be avoided. Pick months between late August to late November or early December to travel to this region. You will not only see fewer people but also get the best deals due to discounted prices. Since taxis are expensive, you may want to avoid them and take shuttle buses instead. They are quite frequent and travel alongside the coast.

Find Accommodation in the Town Instead of on the Beach

Living beside the beach when on a holiday seems tempting. However, it can overshoot your budget by a great margin. If you are traveling on a budget, consider living in one of the hostels in the center of the city. Resorts and hotels near the beach may take up a significant part of your traveling budget as some of them cost more than one hundred dollars per night. If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, book an Airbnb in the city center to save money and have a comfortable stay. Hostel dorms are a great option for solo travelers.

Include Cultural Experiences in Your Itinerary

When traveling to Tulum, tourists often anticipate hanging out on the beach and relaxing by the clear waters. While looking forward to a relaxing experience is a must, you should also include some cultural experiences and local site visits in your itinerary to get to know Tulum. You can plan your Tulum itinerary based on local recommendations and must-visit sites. If you want to know more about the history of this place then visiting the Mayan ruins is a must. Some resorts and retreats also offer yoga classes for relaxation. Do not miss the nightlife experience in Playa del Carmen and visit Akumai to watch sea turtles.

Tulum Archaeological Zone, Mexico

Photo by Ventill8 Productions from Pexels

Use the Local Currency

The local currency in Tulum is Mexican pesos. Tourists often use US dollars to avoid the hassle of currency exchange and calculations. However, this can eventually add up to a lot of money. For every commodity or service, you are paying a higher value in US dollars than you would in Mexican pesos. You can either get the currency exchanged in your home country or get some local currency notes at an ATM in Tulum. Although you may end up paying an exchange rate, your overall trip will still be cheaper than paying for the products and services in US dollars.

On a related note, it’s interesting how different neighbouring countries can be with their currency.  For example, if you need to envía dinero a El Salvador (Send money to El Salvador), it’s important to remember that El Salvador uses US dollars as its official currency. It’s little details like this that remind you to stay sharp about money matters, especially if you’re dealing with cross-border transactions. It’s all about getting the best of your money, whether you’re buying a souvenir in Tulum or helping out your family back in El Salvador. 

Pick an Authentic Place to Eat

In Tulum, you will find some of the best local dishes to eat in underrated areas and restaurants. The popular and expensive places are undeniably great; however, find places in the downtown area to get the best local taste at inexpensive rates. Try one of the roadside tacos for authentic Mexican food. Since there are a lot of stands, look out for the ones with long lines outside. Hartwood is a popular Tulum eatery that offers some of the best local dishes as well. However, it can get extremely crowded, which is why you must book a table a few days in advance.

Pick the Right Day and Time to Visit a Cenote

Cenotes are sinkholes with clear water surrounded by natural limestone. They can be found across Mexico and are open for tourists to swim in. However, they are not free and the prices can vary according to the timing, size, and popularity. Since the locals do not strictly adhere to timings, you may find the gate to your cenote closed in the morning. Double-check the timings and arrive a bit early to avoid crowds. Dos Ojos is a popular cenote in Tulum, which is also often crowded. Look for underrated cenotes like Zacil-Ha to save money.

Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico

Photo by Vince Russell

Tulum is becoming a popular destination with many travelers looking for a new experience and a relaxing holiday. With the tips above and planning ahead, you can save yourself some money yet still have an interesting and exciting trip to this lively city. Book your trip ahead of time during the off-season and you will get to enjoy Tulum without the crowds of tourists or having to pay crazy prices during your stay.

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