Why Is Travel Good For Your Mental Health?


There are countless reasons why so many people love to travel and go on holiday. One of them is that travel reduces stress, broadens our minds, improves our mood and changes our outlook on life. Today I am sharing 11 benefits of travelling. 

Gili Lankanfushi luxury eco resort in the Maldives

Why do you like to travel? I’m very fond of seeing new places, trying new dishes and meeting new people. Among the numerous advantages of travel, the mental health benefits are among the best and most important. We all know that everyday life can become tedious and repetitive. Regardless of where you live, what you do for a living, your relationships or financial conditions, each one of us needs a break from time to time.

Travelling is an excellent vacation – literally – from the routine. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a lavish vacation in a luxury resort or an adventurous road trip, travelling will make you step away from the worries you have at home. It can help you to recharge and reset your thoughts, thus reducing stress. Consider it a super fantastic, enjoyable kind of self-care (which it is!).

What’s the best part? You, me, and everyone else can gain these mental health advantages of travel whether you take one trip a year or numerous shorter ones, and whether you visit a new or familiar area. Read on to find out more why travel is good for your mental health.

Borgarfjordur in South West of Iceland

Driving in Iceland

Even Planning Is Beneficial

We already know that travelling has several mental health advantages. But what if I told you that planning a trip – or even simply thinking about it – had many of the same advantages? In fact, in many respects, planning a vacation can be just as pleasurable as taking one!

Anticipating a vacation has been demonstrated to significantly boost a person’s happiness. When you think about it, this makes obvious sense: if you have something specific to look forward to in a few months, a year, or more down the road, your day-to-day duties become a little more manageable. So, if you’re searching for a sign to schedule a vacation, look no further!

Life, and especially the future, may seem uncertain, unexpected, and downright frightening at times. I certainly feel that way. Of course, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel most of the time, but it’s easy to lose sight of it at times. Putting some of your energy into planning a future vacation might help to alleviate your anxiety and serve as a reminder that better times are on the way.

Who you travel with is a critical element that should be considered. If you have travel companions, whether they be your significant other, family, or a group of friends, it’s critical that you discuss your vacation wishes freely and honestly. Are you looking for an action-packed, thrilling vacation or a calm respite? In any case, gather like-minded individuals and make your aims clear so that everyone is on the same page.

Sunset in Gili Air island in Indonesia

No matter who you travel with or how much meticulous preparation you do, it’s crucial to remember that travel necessitates some amount of improvisation. Things won’t always go as planned, you may have to make concessions within your travel group, and your experiences may not always live up to your expectations. Maintain an open mind and be ready to “roll with it” when circumstances shift unexpectedly.

So now, what are the mental health benefits of actually travelling? Let’s see.

2. It’s A Terrific Stress Reliever

As I previously said, many of us travel to get away from the rush and bustle of life. It enables us to revitalize, relax, and refresh ourselves so that when we return from vacation, we have amazing ideas and excitement. Travelling promotes pleasure and helps people divert their attention away from stressful events, resulting in decreased cortisol levels and a sense of serenity and contentment.

3.  Shake Up Your Old Routine

Doing the same things again and over can be draining. You get up, go to work, return home, and do it all over again. Breaking up your routine might provide you with a new perspective on your life. You might be more imaginative in solving issues, and you remember to enjoy the little and significant things in your life. Nothing helps you realize your own advantages more than momentarily not having them.

Travelling can alleviate stress in addition to providing a fresh perspective on things. Vacations may help people feel less anxious, better in their emotions, and more relaxed. This is because travelling allows you to pursue interests and reconnect with what you like. It is also the reason why I love being a travel blogger so much!

Sunset in Bali, Indonesia

4. Get The Most From Your Time Off

First and foremost, don’t overschedule. Instead of racing from one thing to the next, make time to roam about, sip a drink, and allow your thoughts to wander. You should, however, make a list of tasks to accomplish. In fact, planning ahead of time for your vacation will help to boost your mental health.

Not all trips are created equal. If you miss your flights, cancel a hotel reservation, or can’t locate your money, your vacation might turn out to be stressful rather than enjoyable. There are, however, certain actions you can take to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

It is also important to consider how you divide your valuable vacation days. You should try to take one for each season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Don’t take them all at once; instead, space them out so you can enjoy additional holidays.

5. More Fresh Air

You’ll most likely have to choose between a number of potential places when you arrange your vacation. Of course, you should travel anywhere you like, but you should think about getting some fresh air no matter what time of year it might be.

Of course, some of us like to spend our time at the beach, so this could be the perfect option. You might want to go to a “hotspot,” but the crowds can be large and boisterous, and it may not be as relaxing as you want it to be. Look for less-known areas, where you can enjoy the beaches and other attractions without as many people in your way, and where you can frequently find more affordable vacation homes.

6. Travel Can Change Your Perspective

Even if you don’t have any substantial pressures in your everyday life, waking up in the same spot and doing the same thing every day might put you in a rut. Visiting a different area, getting some fresh air, relaxation, sun, and other healthy, natural interactions will shift the way you perceive the world and provide you with the perspective you need to deal with life’s issues in a more constructive manner.

If the only item in your toolbox is a hammer, every issue will seem to be a nail, as the old adage says. Your new viewpoints will allow you to look at issues from fresh angles and offer you a new respect for how to confront your everyday hurdles if you widen your horizons!

Cruising along the backwaters in Alleppey in Kerala | 5 Epic Things To Do in Kerala

7. Travel Is A Distraction

Sometimes all it takes to improve your mental health is to concentrate on something else for a bit. It may seem deceptively easy, but having the flexibility to explore a city, relax by the ocean, or chat with friends in unfamiliar places can provide a much-needed diversion from the bad parts of everyday life for many people.

Take, for example, grief. People who have lost a loved one are sure to relate to the fact that grief can be overwhelming. That is not to imply that travel will fully eradicate sentiments of loss and mourning, but it may take the sting out of them, enabling the mind to avoid focusing on unpleasant emotions over which they have no control.

8. You’ll Have Something To Look Forward To

It is undeniable that travel will deliver an emotional lift. According to certain research, the advantages of travel to your mental health aren’t limited to the length of your vacation.

According to these studies, people look forward to a vacation in the same manner that they look forward to the arrival of an online purchase or waiting for your coffee machine to deliver in the morning.

The prospect of a trip in the weeks leading up to it will provide a continuous increase in the hormones linked with happiness. The same is true for the time after travel. The memories and positive thoughts from a vacation may be just as beneficial to mental health as the trip itself.

9. Your Mind Will Be Challenged

Travel is about stepping away from the familiar and daring oneself to explore new things. While this may cause concern in some, trying new meals, seeing new locations, and seeing new things is typically a healthy thing. Willfully exposing yourself to situations that are outside of your comfort zone is a sign of emotional maturity, an inner strength that can improve your capacity to deal with loss and trauma in a healthy manner.

10. Travel Makes You Happier

You must already know that getting away from your daily routine makes you joyful; it makes me happy just to have the smallest break. And, to put it plainly, if you can get away from your parents, children, work, pets, homework, studies, part-time job, test preparation, or anything else that’s weighing you down, you will certainly smile.

A view of Arno river and Ponte vecchio in Florence, Italy

11. You Can Get Physically Healthy

If you’re an energetic person wondering why travel is vital, there are some fantastic perks in store for you! There are numerous reasons why travel is helpful to your health, from racing through airports and railway stations to making that tight connection to trekking across difficult terrain on your mountain climbing exploits to obtaining some vitamin D while you catch some rays on the beach. I have shared before a few tips on how to keep fit while you’re travelling. And the healthier you are, the better your mental health is too.

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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