8 Best Nightlife Destinations In Europe


If you love spending part of your holidays partying and enjoying exciting nightlife wherever you travel, I’ve got you covered! I have compiled a list of the 8 best nightlife destinations in Europe. Read on to find out which ones they are.

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For many of us, travelling is a part of life. We choose to travel the world for various reasons – to connect, to escape from our daily routines, to relax, to try new cuisine, and even meet and interact with new people. Indeed, travelling helps us see things from a new perspective and appreciate the earth’s beautiful gifts.

Europe has some of the best nightlife locations worldwide, described as the continent for fun and sometimes wild nightlife. It’s a haven for party lovers, whether extreme or moderate. No wonder this continent’s nightlife is expected to grow by 40% over the next four years! If you’re planning your next trip to Europe or are looking for the best places to party, you don’t need to worry any further.

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Prague, Czech Republic

We love Prague! The capital city of the Czech Republic is known for its historic buildings like the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. While this city has a rich history, it’s certainly far from being a sleepy destination. Prague has one of the best and wildest nightlife in Europe. What makes Prague stand out is the drinks, especially the (cheap and delicious) beer. If you’re a beer lover, it might excite you to know that it was one of the few European cities with a wide range of affordable beer, and you might love spending your evenings at a typical beer hall. Find more tips in my Prague food guide!

This city is certainly worth considering if you love having a good time. It’s not as wild as many others, but it’s decent enough to make your experience unforgettable. So, if you’re interested in learning more about European history during the day and enjoying Prague’s modern sights and sounds at night, Prague is the perfect destination for you.

Traditional craft beer in Brno, Czech Republic

Mykonos, Greece

The Greek islands are known for their idyllic blue skies and calm beaches. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the Mediterranean and is the backdrop of some truly stunning holiday photos. While the island of Mykonos is stunning during the day, it comes alive during the night time. There’s a reason why Mykonos is the party destination, especially during the summer holidays. It has some beach clubs where famous deejays spin the best tracks to get you dancing. If you also want to head indoors, there’s no need to worry. Mykonos has some of the best nightclubs, and you are bound to see some wacky and amusing things.

As I said, Mykonos is amazing during the summer, but September-October is also a great time to visit the island. Regardless of when you go, you won’t be bored when you step out. However, you must be ready and willing to spend to get the best experience. Partying here doesn’t come cheap.

Sunset drinks at a bar in Mykonos Greece

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its wild nightlife and carefree vibe, and the city deserves it. It has some of the best European clubs worldwide. Many people visit this Dutch city for a fun experience and to check out its famous Red Light District. There are many things to do in Amsterdam, especially at night when it comes alive. But it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re a true party animal, you should plan to see the best of what this European city has to offer. Aside from the usual clubbing, you can also visit its numerous party dens to catch some live music performances.

The best thing about Amsterdam is that it has various nightlife activities depending on your budget. The best times to visit are during spring or summer, but autumn is also an excellent time for a fun adventure before the winter cold hits. Be sure to check out some of the nightlife zones like Amsterdam Central and Leidseplein Square. For tips on where to eat out in Amsterdam check out my guide.

Bicycles parked on a bridge over the canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Krakow, Poland

It wouldn’t be a complete list without mentioning Krakow. Many say Krakow has more bars and clubs than any other European city, but I don’t know how true that is. It is one of the best places for a fun nightlife experience. If you want to visit some of the biggest and best clubs, you should visit Stare Miasto, the Old Town District, where you can immerse yourself in Krakow’s local bar scene. Kazimierz (i.e. the former Jewish Ghetto) is popular with locals and tourists. There you’ll find some of the best coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants and brunch spots in Krakow.

To have a true Krakow nightlife experience, you’ll need to explore the city and go on a hunt for some of the city’s hidden gems. Krakow’s Market Square (Rynek in Polish) is a protected UNESCO heritage site, so most clubs and bars in this area are usually situated in alleys or winding staircases. So, that’s where you’ll need to sharpen your exploration skills or resort to asking the locals.

Rynek Market Square in Krakow's Old Town, Poland

Riga, Latvia

Riga is one of the most popular Eastern European cities for its active nightlife. It also has some of the world’s best architecture and is filled with history and culture. This destination has grown more popular amongst tourists who spend their nights partying in Riga’s Old Town area. This neighbourhood has some of the best clubs and bars close to each other, making it the perfect place for some fun bar hopping. Since these public areas are so close to each other, there is a lot of competition, so most of these places offer unique and innovative experiences to tourists to the point where it’ll be a win-win situation for you!

Much of Riga’s nightclubs are situated in old industrial complexes like factories or warehouses, which is perfect if that’s your vibe.

Ibiza, Spain

No other place can come close to the renowned “party capital of the world”, Ibiza. This Spanish island is the best place to visit if you’re looking for non-stop, back-to-back partying. If you can conquer Ibiza, you can party anywhere else! Even the world’s most glamorous and richest personalities have been spotted having the best time on this island.

There are several nightclubs in Ibiza that play all kinds of music. It’s up to you to find the one that best suits you. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience. Or a forgettable one, depending on how much you party! But while Ibiza might be wild, you can do many other things if you’re looking for something moderate. It has a great selection of bars and restaurants where you can explore local cuisines and drinks.

Budapest, Hungary

Are you surprised to see Budapest on this list? Well, don’t be! It’s one of the best places to be if you want to indulge in pleasure. Like Prague, this city also has a rich history and some of the best hotspots at night. The best thing about Budapest is that its locals are very welcoming and fairly affordable, making it a smart choice for low-budget travellers or even students. It’s also a great place to start if you’re new to nightlife exploration.

Budapest is also home to some of the world’s best ruin bars. These are bars situated in old districts or abandoned buildings. Many of these bars have maintained the “abandoned” look, so most have open ceilings or allow plants to creep up the walls. But for a truly Hungarian nightlife experience, you must visit its numerous bathhouses. These places often play great music and even have unique dance floors. The Szechenyi Baths, for example, has an underwater dance floor!

Fireworks in Budapest Hungary

Photo by Daniel Olah

Belgrade, Serbia

The nightlife experience in Belgrade doesn’t stop, no matter the day or season. You will never be bored during a trip to the Serbian capital because it has everything, from restaurants, pubs, and clubs, where you can jam to local and international music and check out some amazing live performances. What makes Belgrade a nightlife haven is a strategy most clubs and other spots use during various seasons. In the colder months, most of these places hold their events indoors. As the days get warmer during spring and summer, these venues tend to move in front of Belgrade’s amazingly beautiful river scene. The locals call these river clubs splavovi and are extremely enjoyable.

Belgrade is also home to some of Europe’s best taverns that serve some of the best local cuisines and drinks, so keep this in mind. It’s the perfect way to experience traditional Serbian nightlife and know how Belgrade was over a century ago.

Are you ready to party during your next holiday? You must certainly see what the hype and excitement are all about! One thing for sure is that you will not be disappointed in what Europe has to offer. If you’re looking for a party, you will have a good time. Remember that you also have to do more research, including finding legal drinking age limits, your accommodation, and other essential actors. With all these sorted out, you can relax and prepare for your next fun trip.

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