4 Tips To Master Corporate Gift Selection


The corporate gifting game has upscaled ever since it came into play. From custom-made accessories and tickets to exclusive events to chocolates wrapped in edible gold or hand iced biscuit gifts, some employers today go the extra mile to reward the best in their staff. This not only fosters a happy working environment, but also instils a spirit of competition amongst employees, which acts as a motivation to perform even better.

Harvey Nichols luxury picnic hamper

Luxury hampers make great corporate gifts

One the main goals of an employer is to create and maintain a positive and healthy workplace. Acknowledging your employees’ contributions upon accomplishment of their objectives, or in the occasion of birthdays and holidays is extremely vital. It makes them feel valued and like an integral part of the organisation, and as a result they will enjoy coming to work and be motivated to perform at their best. 

The corporate gifting culture is not just limited to employees. In fact, there are numerous occasions that call for corporate gifts to be given to important clients as a means to value their patronage and cement the business relationship further. You may want to buy edible gifts such as fine wine boxes or chocolate hampers uk or opt for a gift that will make anyone happy, like a gift card to spend at a department store.

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate lovers will love truffle bouquets and sweet hampers

Whichever gift you decide to buy, you should keep these points in mind as these are sure to come in handy and make your search for the perfect corporate gift really easy. 

Top tips to buy the perfect gifts for your employees and clients

1. Choose Gifts That You Would Be Happy To Own

The best test of whether your clients or customers will like a particular gift is to analyse your thoughts and feelings about the same. If you think the gift you bought is an inexpensive bit of promotional stuff, well, then it most likely is. Chances are your employees will see it in the same light and hence your efforts of acknowledging their contributions will be futile. So, always be considerate enough and opt for the best option available within your budget.

One more tip: if you are going to gift promo giveaway items to your employees or clients, make sure to pick the ones which speak well of your company. 

2. Utility Items Go A Long Way

Never underestimate the value of ‘essentials’ gifts, ie. practical objects that most people use every day of their lives. Utility items may not be the most exciting gifts to receive, but they usually go a long way! If your aim is to remain in the minds of your customers, choose the items that you think they will use every day. Mugs, backpacks, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, tie bars for men, watches, even tablets if your budget allows, and other such are the best examples of this category of gifts. 

Corporate gift ideas like ties, tie bars, custom designed mugs, watches

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

3. Always Be Event-Centric

Always remember to select and give gifts to your employees on the basis of the theme of the event. If you’re giving away gifts at an office-wide event, then your gifts must be in line with it. On the other hand, if you’re gifting around the festive season, make sure to choose the ones which brighten up your employees’ and customers’ faces.

Christmas luxury food hamper from Harvey Nichols

A luxury Christmas food and wine box

Finally, if you are planning to produce merchandise, custom-made items to send out as corporate gifts and increase your brand awareness, then choose gifts that go well with the logo, colours and slogan of your company. A few examples would be travel card holders, lanyards, USB sticks, magnets, tote bags, etc.

4. Make Corporate Gifts A Line Item In Your Corporate Budget

No advertising is as powerful and memorable as a well thought gift. Everyone loves great gift! Gifts are more than just a feel-good measure. If your customers and employees are carrying your gift with them and using it all the time, they feel valued and grateful to you, while also promoting your brand logo and message. Keeping this in mind, make corporate gifts a line item in your company budget.

There are a plethora of luxury edible options to choose from like strawberries covered in chocolates, cake pops bouquets, handmade cookies, truffles, and many more. These are sure to melt the hearts of your customers and employees, and they’ll definitely enjoy the delish feast. 

wrapped gift with thank you card

Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash

The corporate world today has witnessed a radical shift from traditional generic gifts to more customised ones. Workplaces across the world have become more thoughtful and considerate of their employees, clients, and business partners, leaving no stone unturned in selecting the perfect gift.

From gifting the best utility essentials to presenting them with chocolate hampers, you have so many gifting options available online. So what are you waiting for? Choose an exquisite gift and you will win over the hearts of your customers and partners. Remember, the idea is not to splurge but choose wisely and get the perfect gift!  

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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