A Weekend Away: Cramming In As Much As Possible On Your Mini Break


A weekend away can be so fulfilling; it’s a chance to recharge those batteries, and de-stress after a super busy week, and, if it’s last-minute, there’ll be the element of surprise to enjoy. Often, travellers will gain so much more from a couple of nights somewhere new, than they do in a week’s vacation because the emphasis is on discovery and exploring as much as possible. You’ll really get to the heart of a destination, and will no doubt have some ideas of where to start.

Coastline of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

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Therefore, whether you’ve booked somewhere to go in a few weeks’ time, have literally just booked a flight that leaves in the morning (great work), or you’re simply considering your options; it’s worth thinking about your options beforehand. By options, we mean what you’re going to do, see, eat, and drink when you’re there; but, more on that in a bit. The following are for those off somewhere fresh for the weekend so that you can make a list and work your way through it with ease.

Food And Drinks

More often than not, a destination is known for a particular food or drink. However, cities may hold a plethora of places that have some of the best reviews you’ll ever read. Therefore, wherever you’re heading on your weekend away; make sure you’ve researched all the places you want to eat, drink, and be merry. If it’s a last minute situation, you may have trouble getting a table at a popular restaurant; however, it’s always worth ringing them with your details so that they can contact you should they have a cancellation.

So, whether your dream is to visit all the best rooftop bars in LA, or eat at traditional restaurants in Rome; research and book as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out. Booking somewhere also gives you the chance to peruse thor menus and social media; keep an eye out for real reviews and recommendations online; you’ll arrive armed with knowledge and excitement about what you’re about to consume.

Restaurant in Ghetto neighbourhood of Rome, italy

Sights And Sounds

Much like popular restaurants, bars, and speciality food venues; certain places will offer famous sights and entertainment or activities; these can often be the whole reason that people and tourists visit them. It’s worth getting tickets as early as you can, and be flexible with the times you choose to visit to avoid huge crowds. You could opt to visit a gallery or museum first thing in the morning so that you can see the artwork and relics in peace, before heading out at the perfect time for brunch. This is why a plan can be crucial to a smooth, easy, and enjoyable trip!

Brunch in London

Relax And Unwind

Perhaps your weekend adventure focuses very much on indulging in some quality relaxation, with great food and drinks. Some towns and cities revolve around their spring water or spas; both natural like the geothermal pools in Iceland and man-made. This would be a great option for those in need of a soothing break rather than walking around for miles each day. As mentioned beforehand, booking may be essential, so, before you grab your swimwear and jet off; book your sessions and treatments, and check out policies on how long you can stay in each venue, and what’s nearby. Most of all, have the best time!

Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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