These Vacation Ideas Will Help You Escape the Bustling City Life


No matter how much satisfaction it gives us to live in the melting pots of great cities and to constantly be in the spotlight of the greatest events, at some point, it becomes way too burdening. Sometimes, we all feel the need to escape the bustling city life.

Bjarteyjarsandur Farm in Iceland

Once you feel that all of your batteries are low, it is vacation o’clock. However, planning your holiday can be quite a task as well. If you are exposed to heavy work, you will want to  opt for a relaxing and peaceful place. So, we compiled a short list of beautiful mountain and seaside destinations to visit.

Aran Islands, Ireland

You have probably heard of the popular Irish scenery. Why don’t you experience it yourself? You will be welcomed by vibrant greenery, pureness, a spiritual atmosphere, and dramatic 300 feet tall cliffs. There is no better place to experience all of these than the Aran Islands in Ireland. Due to its rich Christian and Celtic heritage, this place is loaded with historical sites and ruins of antique buildings. The Aran Islands will offer you something your soul has been yearning for so long—utter peace. Yet, worry not, you will not be bored here. One of the best things you can do is to hire a bike and go for a long bike ride around the islands. Bike rides are among the top activities here. Going for a walk or hike will also help you relax while absorbing positive energy and impeccable landscapes.

Seven Sisters, East Sussex

The UK has plenty to offer for beautiful holiday destinations. England in particular has so much to give; not visiting East Sussex would be a major sin. The green hills and ocean, and close proximity to the English channel make this place resemble the scenes you had a chance to read about in Victorian Novels. The Seven Sisters is the epitome of the English countryside, ideal for long strolls and adventures. Another thing that distinguishes this place from many others is the white chalk cliffs that make a perfect contrast to the ocean. There is no better way to spend your day than walking barefoot by the ocean.

Seven Sisters, Eastbourne, England, UK

Photo by Marc Najera

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is one of the most magical places on the planet. This wild and cold country has some of the oddest combinations ever. Just imagine walking down the black sand beach, wandering through the wilderness on your quest to find hidden waterfalls, and trust us, Iceland has a lot of them. However, by far the most famous place here is the Blue Lagoon. This tourist destination is a natural, geothermal spa embedded in a lava field. You can soak in the warm water and enjoy it despite the freezing temperatures outside. If you are lucky enough, during certain parts of the year, you can witness the northern lights while you enjoy the warm Lagoon water.

Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland

Provence, France

Picture this: running through lavender fields. Of course, the first association with this is the French region of Provence. This is a place where you will lose yourself in breathtaking vineyards, green hills, scenic views of the sea and the Southern Alps. There are many things that make Provence stand out from the rest of France. This region is known for its famous olive groves, pine forests, grapes, and natural diversity. While traveling through Provence, you should visit Marseille, Avignon, Cannes, Nice, and Côte D’Azur – the French Riviera . One thing is certain: you will have a lot of fun and wonderful food.

Isle St Marguerite in Côte D'Azur, Provence, France

Nordfjord, Norway

Usually, we tend to underestimate whatever Nordic countries have to offer us, and it is a huge mistake. Wild beauty, peaceful towns and stunning scenic routes will certainly satisfy all of your senses and will bring you peace. One of these places is definitely Nordfjord. Thanks to its breathtaking views, this is probably amongst the most popular places in Norway. Acknowledging the fact that everything in this place is a result of long natural processes makes this place even more magical. You can cruise along the fjord and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the mountains, glaciers, and open sea. This is the most calming place for people seeking peace. Another beautiful place to visit in Norway is Tromso, especially in winter for a chance to see the northern lights.

Fjords in Norway


It is impossible to skip the absolute classic amongst touristic spots. Hawaii is an archipelago full of different attractions that will leave you breathless. It is widely known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a lot of flowers. There are dozens of beautiful beaches in Hawaii; of these, Lumahai is one of the most stunning. This white sand beach is ideal for surfing, sunbathing, and simple relaxation. But, you must beware that swimming is not recommended due to the strong undertow. To this end, you should try surfing only if you are experienced enough.

Northern Beaches, Hawaii

Photo by Luke McKeown

Giving yourself a break from bustling city life is a must. By constantly being exposed to fast living and everyday stress, you risk your overall well-being. So, going on a vacation for a couple of days will help you charge your batteries.

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